#1 Best Tingkat Delivery in Singapore for the Elderly

Why You Need To Get an Elderly-Specialized Tingkat Delivery If you have parents or older family members who can’t cook, yet want to have hot, convenient, and healthy meals everyday, then an elderly-specialized tingkat delivery is essential. Why? Purely because regular tingkat deliveries put huge focus on volume, and neglect the healthiness of the ingredients […]

#1 Best Swimming Lessons in Singapore For Kids and Adults

#1 Best Swimming Lessons in Singapore For Kids and Adults Swimming Lessons Adult Lessons Kids Lessons Private Lessons Female Lessons Class Size Choice of group or individual Trial Lesson Yes Locations Islandwide at any pool in Singapore Phone +65 9753 3968 Lesson timings Extremely flexible Website https://www.justswim.com.sg/ How JustSwim stands out from the sea of […]

#1 Best English Tuition Centre in Singapore (Primary and Secondary school)

Why DoAppliedLearning is one of the best English Tuition Centers in Singapore Level Primary Secondary Class Size Regular Complimentary Diagnostic Session Yes Locations Bedok Geylang Marine Parade Phone +65 9105 0593 Opening Hours Monday – Sunday, 12-10pm Website https://doappliedlearning.com.sg/ How DoAppliedLearning stands out from the sea of tuition centers Tuition centers are so popular in […]

3 Best Florists in Singapore With Same-Day Delivery & Beautiful Flowers

3 Best Florists in Singapore With Same-Day Delivery and Beautiful Flowers Whether it’s for special occasions like anniversaries or birthdays, or even normal days where you feel like giving a loved one or close friend a beautiful surprise — flowers are a great choice. Flowers are able to convey heartfelt messages like “I love you”, […]

9 Ways To Prevent Acne in Singapore’s Humidity

Table of Contents A number of items on this list may not apply to you as everyone has different skin conditions. For example, chemicals and perfumes may cause outbreaks for some, while others seem to be immune to it. However, it’s possible that your skin may be sensitive to some of them, but you just […]

12 Best Chilli Crab Restaurants in Singapore [According to Locals]

chilli crab from Mellben Seafood

We as Singaporeans all love our national trademarked dish — chilli crab. Although a more pricey indulgence for our cravings, chilli crab is a comfort seafood dish that almost every Singaporean will salivate for. But with so many chilli Crab restaurants in Singapore, where are the best chilli crab places according to locals? Let’s find […]

How To Choose a Moving Company in Singapore

multiple packed boxes for moving house

Step-By-Step Guide on Choosing a Moving Company in Singapore Finding the right movers is not easy. Excellent movers who show high levels of care in handling your furniture will likely cost more, and cheaper movers will likely show less meticulousness. But besides price, how can we determine the quality of a mover? We’ll show you […]

Ultimate Guide To Lasik Surgery

woman with a pair of beautiful eyes

Should I Get Lasik? Everything You Need To Know Before Getting LASIK What exactly is Lasik and how does it work? If you’re like me in the past, you probably believe that lasik is a high risk procedure with great rewards — you either score a perfect vision like a newborn, or you go blind […]

Best Thai Food Restaurants

15 Best Thai Food Restaurants in Singapore According To Locals Table of Contents Diandin Leluk Thai Restaurant Diandin Leluk is said to be one of the best go-to Thai restaurants in Singapore with their aromatic & authentic Thai delicacies. With their 24/7 operating hours, you can add this place to your 3am supper spots in […]