12 Best Chilli Crab Restaurants in Singapore [According to Locals]

12 Best Chilli Crab Restaurants in Singapore [According to Locals]

We as Singaporeans all love our national trademarked dish — chilli crab. Although a more pricey indulgence for our cravings, chilli crab is a comfort seafood dish that almost every Singaporean will salivate for. But with so many chilli Crab restaurants in Singapore, where are the best chilli crab places according to locals? Let’s find out together below.

#1 Jumbo Seafood

Unsurprisingly, Jumbo Seafood is a household name that most Singaporeans are familiar with. It’s not uncommon for the name “Jumbo” to appear in our minds when someone mentions “chilli crab”. With more than 20 years of fine-tuning their dishes, you can be sure that their chilli crab is one of the best you can get anywhere.

Their chilli sauce is what makes the dish shine. The classic thick, sweet and slightly spicy chilli sauce is extremely savoury & flavourful. But Jumbo Seafood is not just a master of one — many of their other dishes are also highly recommended by locals, such as:

Black pepper crab, Cereal Prawn, Steamed bamboo clam, herbal drunken live prawns, chilled shredded roast duck salad

Here are what some Google Reviewers had to say about No Signboard Seafood:

I really enjoyed the dining experience in here! The chilli crab was amazing and staff were very kind and gentle! A bit pricey but worth it. Great food with the river view, what more I can ask for?☺️

An incredible seafood restaurant with multiple locations across Singapore! Definitely worth the visit to try the chilli crab here. We got the mud crab with chilli sauce and it was absolutely delectable. All other dishes were also standouts. A bit pricey all things considered but I think this is what you should expect when fine dining in Singapore. Would definitely revisit.

Outlets: The Riverwalk, Dempsey Hill. Riverside Point, ION Orchard, East Coast Seafood Centre, Jewel Changi Airport
Website: https://www.jumboseafood.com.sg/en/home
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/JUMBOSeafood/

#2 No Signboard Seafood (Geylang outlet)

A true rag to riches story, No Signboard was a small restaurant that only sold about 3 crabs a day in their early days. But the sheer deliciousness of their chilli crab — and especially white pepper crabs, have made them one of the best go-to places for chilli crab & white pepper crab in Singapore through word of mouth.

But what makes their chilli crab so special? They’re one of the few crab places where you can customize the spiciness level to suit your palate. With 4 outlets spread across the country, their chilli crab is still the star of the show & their renowned speciality.

Here are what some Google Reviewers had to say about No Signboard Seafood:

Delicious spicy crabs! Also, try their spicy crab with black pepper sauce! Freshest and great seafood restaurant. A must go-to place when you want fine dining in Singapore.

We order one Alaska Crab and have it cooked with 3 different flavors:
– Chilli
– White Pepper
– Salted Egg. Personally I prefer the Salted Egg as it’s tasty and not too salty like other. White Pepper is also special as it’s hot and smells very nice of pepper. Chilli is their original flavors.
The staffs are very friendly and helpful. Although the serving time is long due to a lot of customers, it’s worth the wait. It’s weekend today so their tables are always occupied always. Remember to reserve in advance. The place is spacious and open air with a lot of fans.

Address: 414 Geylang Rd, Singapore 389392
Opening Hours: Monday – Sunday, 11am – 1:30am
Website: http://www.nosignboardseafood.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/nosignboardseafood.geylang/


Although known for their superb & succinct chilli crabs, Holycrab prides itself on their innovative crab flavours with names like Succumb (cooked with fine vermicelli), Devil’s Crab (butter sauce), Orgasmic (salted egg yolk), Balsamic (chilli).

If you’re into a spice lover, this is one of the few crab places that don’t hold back on the spiciness level. The spicy, sweet sauce pairs extremely well with the succulent sweet flesh to give you happiness in a bite. Not to mention, their crabs are free from antibiotics and sourced locally.

Here are what some Google Reviewers had to say about Holy Crab:

Thank you for your excellent service! You definitely have one of the best restaurant service in Singapore. We enjoyed the dinner and our favourite was the chilli crab and the bacon. The fried rice was yummy and we loved the wok hey aroma. The devil was a little overcooked but the sauce was super delicious! Keep up the great work and thank you again!

No doubt they served one of the best crabs in town! Love their spicy white pepper sauce and of course, their original and unique Singapore Chilli Crab sauce. We especially love their bitter gourd dish dipped in a very savoury homemade sauce. We went home with a stomach full of crab which probably lasted us till lunch the next day. Don’t over order! 2 Crabs for 2 is really a lot!

Address: 13 Stamford Rd, #01-85 Arcade @ Capitol, Singapore 178905
Opening Hours: Monday – Sunday, 11:30am – 9:30pm
Website: https://www.holycrab.sg/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/holycrab.sg/

#4 Mellben Seafood

With their speciality in chilli crab, they’re one of the go-to places to solve your crab cravings in Singapore. With a customizable level of spiciness, their crabs are served in perfectly thick, sweet & spicy sauce. Locals are a fan of their sweet-savoury and well-balanced chilli sauce, so you can be sure this is a solid choice for a crab fix.

But chilli crab is not the only good crab dish there. There are many standard and unique flavours like Butter, Salted Egg Yolk, Black Pepper, Laksa Crab, Shimmering Sands Crab, etc.

Here are what some Google Reviewers had to say about Mellben Seafood:

So gooood! First time there, ordered the chilli crab to share between 2 people with deep fried mantou to mop up the delicious sauce. Although the place is far out in a residential area at the bottom of a HDB complex, don’t be fooled. It’s worth the trek. I don’t even like chilli crab and I still loved this. The sauce was well balanced, sweetness, saltiness and spice. The crab fresh and beautiful to behold. Two things to watch out for: mainly Chinese-speaking staff and open-air, no aircon seating. Both things easily overlooked if you come mentally prepared. Will bring my family and friends here next time!

My go-to place for chilli crab or salted egg yolk crab. It’s not as touristy as Jumbo because it’s a little far from the center. A little pricey because you must order at least 2 crabs for each dish. There are more food on the menu but most people just get crabs. Get the buns to enjoy the sauce.

Address: 232 Ang Mo Kio Avenue 3, St 22, #01-1222, 560232
Opening Hours: Monday – Sunday, 5pm – 10:30pm
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MellbenSeafood/

#5 Long Beach Seafood

With 5 outlets spread across Singapore, Long Beach Seafood is a convenient seafood paradise that won’t require travelling across the island for. Long Beach Seafood is one of the few places that really tune up the spiciness in their chilli sauce, which is said to be the perfect mix of sweetness, saltiness and spiciness.

But besides chilli crab, their signature — black pepper crab, is definitely a must-try as well. Their black pepper crab is what truly sets them apart from other crab places with their flavoursome black pepper sauce paired with fresh, sweet flesh.

Here are what some Google Reviewers had to say about Long Beach Seafood:

Possibly the best chilli crab and peppered crab I’ve had in Singapore! About a 20 minute drive from the Marina Bay, it has real live seafood in large tanks! We had the Alaskan King Crabs for our dishes. Prawns the size of baby lobster are to die for. A bit pricier than other places., but the quality of the seafood if crazy good! This place is best enjoyed in a large group just because there is so much to pick from and eat. Small wine selection but nice inexpensive wine. Stick to a pitcher of beer, it goes perfect with the crab! As tourists we were treated exceptionally well.

If you are going to spend your hard earned money anywhere, I cannot recommend Long Beach Restaurant enough. The chilli crab sauce is so very finger-licking good. I came here on my last trip to Singapore and the memory of having a huge foodgasm then had me coming back again. I can’t say to go just for the chilli crab as those fried garlic shrimp, bamboo clams and roast chicken were all sooooo good. The only negative would be that it felt a bit odd having so many restaurant staff watching over us, but it just meant we were very well taken care of. So it’s not really a negative. There was no change from my great experience here 2 years ago to now.

Address: #01-04 East Coast Seafood Centre, 1202 ECP, 04 East Coast Seafood Centre, 449881
Opening Hours: Monday – Sunday, 11am – 12am
Website: http://www.longbeachseafood.com.sg/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/longbeachseafood

#6 Palm Beach Seafood

Being located at Fullerton hotel, enjoy breathtaking views of Singapore’s skyline and river while feasting on scrumptious seafood — especially crab. Locals feel that their chilli crab uniquely has a more saucy taste compared to the traditional chilli which is packed with spice.

Take a lovely evening stroll after dinner at the nearby Merlion to enjoy stunning night views.

Here are what some Google Reviewers had to say about Palm Beach Seafood:

The creamy crab was very big and super delicious! All the food was delicious and the service was great. The server who wear black eyeglasses and black colour uniform has tried his best to serve us. Truly appreciate!

Was here for lunch. Though it’s pricey, the service and ambience was excellent. We ordered 1 Sri Lankan chilli crab and some other dishes. Chilli crab was great. Would recommend this to all crab lovers.

Address: 1 Fullerton Road #01-09 One Fullerton, 049213
Opening Hours: Monday – Sunday, 12-2:30pm, 5:30-10:30pm
Website: http://www.palmbeachseafood.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/palmbeachseafood

#7 Chinatown Seafood Restaurant

Chinatown Seafood restaurant is an excellent choice for mid-range price seafood that has been praised by review sites. Their chilli crabs are known for their succulent, sweet flesh that complements the mildly spicy chilli sauce.

Both locals & tourists have reported that the service was exceptional and the staff was extremely patient with explaining the dishes to them.

Here are what some Google Reviewers had to say about Chinatown Seafood Restaurant:

I’m surprised this place doesn’t have more reviews, and better reviews. This is a great spot for mid-ranged priced chilli crab, but still great quality. After hearing the Jumbo Seafood crab was overpriced, we opted for this option, as it was also highly rated on other sites. So glad we did!!

The restaurants is easy to find, very spacious, great food, friendly & quick service. Since this was just one of many meals we were having in Chinatown today, we opted to share the chilli crab dish. So glad we did, as there was a ton of food. We both got beer from Singapore’s Best Craft Brewery – Archipelago Brewery. The chilli crab came out fairly quickly and looked absolutely beautiful!! We ordered 6 fried buns to help sop up the sauces and should have ordered 6 more! Super messy so make sure you wear the bib 🙂

Address: 51 Pagoda St, Singapore 059212
Opening Hours: Monday- Sunday, 12 -10:30pm
Website: http://www.chinatownseafoodrestaurant.com/zh/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/chinatownseafoodrestaurant

#8 Kelly Jie Seafood

If you’re a fan of the well-known Mellben Seafood, Kelly Jie is its prodigy and you can expect a similarly pleasant experience. The thick, tender, and juicy meat are paired with a well balanced flavourful chilli sauce that has a generous portion of eggs.

But if we highly recommend you try their speciality as well — Butter Cream Crab. The delicious meat goes extremely well with the slight buttery and creamy aroma from the sauce and makes the crab even sweeter.

Here are what some Google Reviewers had to say about Kelly Jie Seafood:

One of the better seafood outlets in Singapore, apparently the go to place for some of my friends. I was taken here for a night out, food was excellent, and they knew exactly what to order. chilli crab was really good, the salted egg dishes were excellent. What took the cake was the crab bee hon, soup was really good, ended up being my favorite dish of the night.
I can’t comment on the price as my friends took the bill. I can’t imagine it to be cheap but I think it’ll be reasonable. Not too busy on a Monday night, but I am sure it’ll be busy on Friday’s and weekends. Better to book ahead if you can.

My first 5-stars rated seafood restaurant here. The crabs are incredibly fat and big, very delicious! The best chilli crab which I have ever tried. However, I don’t like their “playboy chicken” and hopefully there is improvement on the staff’s attitude

Address: Lor 8 Toa Payoh, #01-11/15 Block 211, Singapore 310211
Opening Hours: Monday – Sunday, 12-2:30pm, 5-10:30pm
Website: http://www.kellyjie.sg/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MellbenSeafoodToaPayoh/

#9 Momma Kong’s

Unlike regular crab places, Momma Kong’s has a modern decor with a bar counter for you to wash down the crab with a glass of alcohol. Their chilli crabs are immersed in vibrant, sweet & mildly spicy sauce that pairs very well with the perfectly cooked meat. However, some people might not be a fan of their sauce as it’s slightly less thick & gooey compared to other crab places.

Here are what some Google Reviewers had to say about Momma Kong’s:

Excellent food and services during our visit.
Food (taste): ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
Services: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
Despite the the outlook of the bowl of crab noodles, the bowl of crab noodle is beyond delicious. Both the crab and noodles are cooked to perfection. Especially the crab meat. We ordered the plate of grilled squid as well, delicious and cooked to perfection as well. Loved the provided chilli, as it goes well with the squid. Service was beyond excellent. All I can say is that, they did customer service well. It felt as though we were dining in other country where customer service is at its finest.

Dinner at Momma Kong’s is always a sumptuous affair. They really combine quality and quantity for their set meals and we have never been disappointed in our 3 visits. Staff service is thoughtful to the point of impeccable. Already looking forward to my next meal here.

Address: 34 Mosque St, Singapore 059512
Opening Hours: Tuesday – Friday 5-10:30pm. Saturday & Sunday 11am-10:30pm. Closed on Mondays
Website: http://www.mommakongs.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MommaKongs/

#10 Keng Eng Kee Seafood

As one of the more popular zi char places in Singapore, Keng Eng Kee seafood is one of the few places that can fill your tummy not just with mouth-watering crabs, but also other savoury zi char dishes like marmite chicken and pork ribs.

The highly-praised dishes include the black pepper, and of course chilli crabs that are one of the “highly recommended to try” dishes by frequent patrons. When this zi char somehow is able to stand out from the hundreds of zi char across Singapore, you know it’s going to be seriously good!

Here are what some Google Reviewers had to say about Keng Eng Kee Seafood:

Excellent seafood place. We ordered both black pepper crab and chilli crab. Both were delicious but I prefer the black pepper one more. It’s actually one of the best I’ve had in Singapore. Go early for dinner to avoid long waiting time.

Food is delicious, special love their buttermilk crab and we also had some chilli crabs too. Their Buns were unique special steamed and feeling really soft and yummy. Plenty of food choices. Too lots for anything, would be good for big groups to try out all dishes. Price is quite affordable compared to Jumbo groups. Ambience still feels kinda homely, like the 90’s feeling having meal with family in restaurant right below blocks of HDB.

Address: 124 Bukit Merah Lane 1, #01-136, Singapore 150124
Opening Hours: Monday – Sunday 11:30am – 2pm, 5 – 10pm.
Website: http://www.kek.com.sg/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/kekseafood/

#11 Roland Restaurant

Roland is known to be the founder of the famous chilli crab that has been bringing us so much joy for the past few decades. Being listed on the Michelin Guide Singapore with a “Michelin Plate”, our national Olympic champion Joseph Schooling is rumoured to fancy their crabs as well.

So how does the “original” chilli crab taste? Their chilli sauce embellishes a thick gooey texture and mildly spicy kick with a tinge of sweetness.

Here are what some Google Reviewers had to say about Roland:

One of the best chilli crabs gravy around. Other dishes like crispy squid, spinach tofu and noodles are good too. Spacious setting in a old school Chinese restaurant environment reminiscent of traditional family Chinese banquets. Service is good too.

Very attentive and prompt service. Came here for just one thing, the OG Original Chili Crab (Traditional Chili Crab on the menu) because I wanted to taste the original version of Chili Crab before it got modified to the one you would find at the usual seafood restaurants like Jumbo. Also, Roland is having a crab promo at 2 crabs for $78++ (see photo to judge the size yourself), it was big enough for me.
This version is spicier and more savoury than the other chili crab version I grew up eating. I would say the flavour has a very unique and rich kick to it. You have to try it with fried mantou.The crabs are very fresh and was served promptly. Also ordered Crispy Baby Squids which was a nice pairing.
Will definitely be back to a famed heritage restaurant that is going strong through the decades!

Address: 89 Marine Parade Central, #06-750, Singapore 440089
Opening Hours: Monday – Sunday, 11:30am – 2:30pm, 6 – 10pm
Website: https://www.rolandrestaurant.com.sg/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Rolandrestaurant/

#12 Red House Seafood at Prinsep

Being located at Grand Copthorne Waterfront Hotel, Red House Seafood has an elegant aesthetic interior. But once you’re there, it would be a wasted trip without tasting their signature chilli crab. What’s special is that you’re able to choose from 3 types of crabs: Sri Lankan Mud Crab, Alaskan King crab, or Scottish Brown Crab.

What’s even better, Red House is very generous with their sauce — you’ll have more than enough to soak your mantous in and still have leftover.

Here are what some Google Reviewers had to say about Red House Seafood:

The best chilli crabs and lobster I have had in a long time. Although pricey, I would recommend to anyone wanting to have quality crab and lobster in Singapore. The staff are also very friendly. This is a highly recommended restaurant for chilli crabs in a famous Japanese tour guide book, so expect plenty of tourists in here.

Amazing crabs and great service from the staff! chilli crab wasn’t too sweet and just the right amount of spice. Black pepper crab was seriously one of the best I’ve had besides grandma’s.

Address: 68 Prinsep St, Singapore 188661
Opening Hours: Monday – Sunday, 12 – 2:30pm, 5 – 10pm
Website: http://www.redhouseseafood.com/
Facebook: http://www.redhouseseafood.com/

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