14 Best Private Investigators In Singapore

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You are looking for a private investigator for your personal and/or commercial case but unsure of who to turn to? No worries, below we have compiled a list of the best private investigators in Singapore for your reference.

1. Top Private Investigator In Singapore – International Investigators Pte Ltd

Image credit: International Investigators Pte Ltd

With over 30 years of experience in the field, International Investigators Pte Ltd provides discreet and professional services.

As a certified member of the Council of International Investigators (USA) and the World Association of Professional Investigators (UK), they can tap on resources from an extensive network in Singapore and overseas. 

Not only do they provide private investigations, but other services like legal counsel for corporate or matrimonial-related services are also available.

Contact number:6337 6608 / 9608
Address: 60 Albert Street #08-06, OG Albert Complex (Bugis MRT) Singapore 189969

2. Top Private Investigator In Singapore – Catch Cheating

Image credit: Catch Cheating

Having handled over 3000 catch cheating cases, Cheating Spouse International is a reputable agency that has hundreds and hundreds of satisfied clients.

Knowing that a partner is cheating may be devastating for certain people, but continuing to allow it to happen is much worse. Hiring a private investigator to find out if your husband or wife is cheating is the best choice.

Many who attempt to trap their cheating partner in the act just make matters worse. International Investigators’ private investigators are qualified to treat cases of infidelity with the utmost discretion. They have counterparts and operatives all over the world, helping us to monitor your cheating spouse investigation wherever he or she goes.

Contact number:6337 6608 / 9608
Address: 60 Albert Street #08-06, OG Albert Complex (Bugis MRT) Singapore 189969

3. Top Private Investigator In Singapore – Detective Don PI

Detective Don PI
Image credit: Detective Don PI

In the realm of private investigation, few can hold a candle to the esteemed Detective Don Pi. Known for their exemplary professionalism and dedication to discretion, they have consistently proven themselves to be a formidable contender for the title of the best private investigator in Singapore. Skilled in diverse areas such as matrimonial disputes, corporate investigations, and surveillance services, they have a breadth and depth of experience that sets them apart in the industry.

More than just a detective agency, Detective Don Pi’s team comprises seasoned investigators who are well-versed in understanding and interpreting human behaviour, thereby offering clients valuable insights in addition to solid evidence. Utilising state-of-the-art surveillance technology coupled with their honed instincts, they provide reliable, accurate, and timely results.

The agency’s key strength lies in their unique approach to every case, treating it with the individual attention it deserves, and ensuring that clients are well-informed throughout the process. With an unwavering commitment to upholding ethics, discretion, and client confidentiality, Detective Don Pi is undoubtedly a trusted partner in the field of private investigation in Singapore.

Contact number:(+65) 8810 0981 (Call)
Address: 111 MacPherson Rd, 111, Singapore 348502

4. Kokusai

Image credit: Kokusai

Founded in 1984, Kokusai has a team of members with former experience in the police and armed forces field.

Managed by ex-police superintendent, former Commissioner of Prisons and ex Law Enforcement Officers, you can be sure to trust their professionalism.

Though their speciality lies in private investigations, they offer other services like providing personal protection for individuals.

Contact number:1800 – 339 9001
Address:  111 North Bridge Road, #08-15 Peninsula Plaza, Singapore 179098 

5. Privateye Investigation & Consultancy Pte Ltd 

Image credit: Privateye Investigation & Consultancy Pte Ltd

Back-up by members with experience in the military and police field, you can be assured that all tasks will be well-planned before the exact execution.

They offer services that include but are not limited to commercial and matrimonial investigations at reasonable pricing.

Contact number:6386 2010
Address: 60 Paya Lebar Road #12-41 Paya Lebar Square (Office Lobby 2) Singapore 409051

6. Asia Top Investigation LLP 

Image credit: Asia Top Investigation LLP 

Asia Top Investigation LLP is an investigation agency with a quality reputation of experience built up over the years.

Their partners, Private Investigator Vincent Tan and Private Investigator Steven Tan, have taken up thousands of cases in assisting their customers.

Contact number:– (Contact via their online form at https://www.asiatopinvestigation.com/contact)
Address: Park Avenue Rochester, Level 24, Suite 1

7. RANGER Investigation & Security Services 

Image Credit: RANGER Investigation & Security Services

With years of experience and profession in the field, they are well-equipped with the skills required for any case.

Specialising in security and investigations in Singapore, Ranger Investigation and Security Services was established in 1986.

Contact number:6296 9582 / 6296 9583
Address: Block 808 French Road #07-183 and #06-169, Singapore 200808

8. DP Quest Investigation Consultancy Pte Ltd 

Image credit: DP Quest Investigation Consultancy Pte Ltd 

Founded in 2005, DP Quest Investigation Consultancy Pte Ltd is a Singapore-based private investigation company.

Regardless of personal or business investigations, their team can handle the cases with their vast experience in law enforcement.

Contact number:6333 3315
Address: 261 Waterloo Street #02-17, Waterloo Centre, Singapore 180261

9. Pedro Investigations & Security Services Pte. Ltd. 

Image credit: Pedro Investigations & Security Services Pte. Ltd. 

Pedro Investigations and Security Services Pte Ltd have a team of people that are to provide investigations and professional security. With experience in the police force, they would exceed your expectations in your case.

Regardless of the services you require, they can be relied on to meet your requirements where possible. 

Contact number:6338 5761
Address: 100 Jalan Sultan, #05-38 Sultan Plaza, Singapore (199001)

10. CDiC Consultants LLP 

Image credit: CDiC Consultants LLP 

CDiC Consultants LLP has a team of professional investigators that have years of experience in law enforcement and intelligence units.

Committed to providing the best investigators, they would consistently go for training and learning for further enhancement of their skills.

Contact number:6377 2723
Address: 164 Bukit Merah Central, #04-3645, Singapore 150164 

11. Baker St Private Investigator

Image credit: Baker St Private Investigator

Baker St Private Investigator has a team of professional investigators who excels in various investigations services in Singapore.

Having been in the private investigations field for many years, you can rely on a professional investigator to go the extra mile to gather information.

Contact number:6970 9701 / 9068 6920
Address: 1 North Bridge Road, #01-02, High Street Centre, Singapore 179094

12. Integrity Investigation Service

Image credit: Integrity Investigation Service

Founded in 2008, Integrity Investigation Services have members with backgrounds screened by the Police Licensing & Regulatory Department. Hence ensuring confidentiality and integrity in the field.

To ensure professionalism, all private investigators have to go through intensive training to ensure investigations are carried out efficiently and with accuracy.

Contact number:62458548
Address: No. 60 Paya Lebar Square #08-49, Paya Lebar Square Lobby 2, Singapore 409051

13. AK Global Investigation Pte Ltd 

Image credit: AK Global Investigation Pte Ltd 

AK Global Investigation Pte Ltd is the first investigation company to establish the Data Protection and Privacy Policy.

Emphasising high confidentiality for all cases, they offer private investigations regardless you are enquiring for personal or commercial reasons.

Contact number:6222 7227
Address: 5001, #07-52 Beach Rd, Golden Mile Complex, Singapore 199588

14. Adrian & McKenzie Investigators LLP 

Image credit: Adrian & McKenzie Investigators LLP

Based in Singapore, Adrian & McKenzie Investigators LLP is a private investigation company with a regulated entity licensed by the Singapore Police Force. Not only that, every private investigator has obtained their respective licences from the Police Licensing & Regulatory Department.

With their vast experience, investigations are being done efficiently and with accuracy at a reasonable rate.

Contact number:9489 7754 
Address: UB Point, 61 Ubi Avenue 1, #03-14, Singapore 408941

Conclusion about the Best Private Investigators In Singapore 

We hope the above list of the 14 best private investigators in Singapore will assist you in narrowing the search for a private investigator.

Note: For the latest and most recent updates on the above recommendations, refer to their respective website for the most accurate information.

Get a private investigator if your spouse shows these 7 “cheating” signs


1. Dramatic change in attitude

Mood swings can be a sign of more than just long hours at the office. When people are forced to be in two locations at the same time, they become nervous or irritable. When the other woman needs more of your partner’s time, he will become more irritable with you in order to satisfy her.

If he’s not just picking fights with you, but also fussing about things that haven’t been a concern in the past (like your appearance, eating habits, or intellect), it’s a strong indication that the problem isn’t with you, but with someone else. This is how cheating begins to trigger internal strife and tension between you and your partner.

Furthermore, in order to sustain the cheating act, you must rely on your dislikes for the other side. It’s likely that nitpicking and looking for more ways to ‘tear down’ the relationship would make him feel more confident about his adultery and less guilty about it.

2. Guilty behaviour

Guilty behavior is a sure indication that your companion is concealing something from you. As a means of concealing his affair or alleviating any of his inner feelings of remorse, a guilty man becomes unnecessarily affectionate or romantic.

He may surprise you by showering you with love and appreciation in the form of endless congratulations or buying you gifts when there isn’t a reason. Bear in mind, though, that these aren’t all signs of an unusually decent husband — they may even indicate a guilty one.

Furthermore, if he has anything to hide, he might prefer to avoid making eye contact or talking in any way, totally ignoring their partners. Since he is afraid that if you look at him, you will be able to see through him and discover his lie, he will not hold your eyes or communicate with you properly. A private investigator can help you to if your spouse is cheating or not.

3. Increased absence

When he becomes increasingly inaccessible or unreachable all of a sudden, he would almost definitely provide a wide range of valid reasons for his increased absence (ie. working overtime, company meetings, embarking on a new project at work etc.).

This may be an excuse to hide the fact that he is involved in extracurricular activity with another woman. Although the other woman typically loves the little amount of time she has with him at first, it is common for her to claim more and more of his time as time goes by.

He effectively gets to spend more time with the other woman while guaranteeing that he does not have to think about you finding out and inventing reasons for his repeated absences.

4. Overly defensive

If a man becomes unnecessarily cautious in reaction to questions (such as where he is), it is a clear sign that something is off, so he would normally laugh it off and not take things too seriously.

While you wait, When your husband accuses you of cheating out of nowhere, it’s likely he’s been unfaithful himself. When a man knows how easy and comfortable it is for him to enter into an intimate relationship, he will unconsciously put his new partner under the same spiritual scrutiny. Accusing you of infidelity is a means for him to divert his attention away from his own embarrassment and shame.

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5. Dramatic change in appearance or lifestyle

When you catch your partner turning into a different individual — For example, if he/she suddenly changes his/her style of dressing or appearance without giving a reason, it may be an indication that he/she is having an affair. He may have been instructed by a third party (e.g., another woman) to grow a beard, style his hair differently, or use cologne. Dressing in a unique way may also mean that he is attempting to impress others.

Similarly, if he is the sort of guy who does not normally workout but finds himself in the gym, he might be trying to attract a possible love interest. Or maybe he’s really going to the gym because he’s suddenly taken an interest in a woman who works out there.

6. Secretive behaviour

It’s not about wrongdoing that worries me. His strange, unusual, or mysterious behavior may also indicate that he is concealing anything. It’s very likely that your spouse is seeing someone else behind your back if he’s ambiguous about his whereabouts.

Strange and suspicious conduct includes hushed phone calls and conversations, strange body language, a moving computer screen when you enter the room, and a reluctance to take you places with him and his friends, among other items.

All of this mysterious behavior is unsettling, and for good reason: it may all be signs that your partner is cheating on you. To be 100% sure, engaging a private investigator is a good option.

7. Increased absence

Since it is difficult to invest emotionally in two people at the same time, and to be emotionally intimate with another when you undermine their confidence, infidelity will eventually result in some form of emotional distance.

When cheating, most people are unable to resolve the inexplicable feeling of remorse, so they create space — a shield that protects him from detection. He has a lower chance of giving himself away if he doesn’t say anything.

Frequently Asked Questions About Best Private Investigators In Singapore

1. Are private investigators legal in Singapore?

All private investigators must be licensed before they are allowed to carry on the business of Private Investigations. An important factor of being a private investigator is that he or she must comply with the code of conduct. There must be credentials to his or her acquired skills or qualification.

2. Is hiring a private investigator in Singapore expensive?

Generally, there is no fixed cost for hiring a private investigator. The charges may vary depending on the hours, manpower, equipment used, etc. It is advisable to compare the pricing to ensure you are not being overcharged.

3. Should I engage the service of a private investigator?

Other than the reason stated above under the [7 “cheating” signs], private investigators offer services like checking fraud activities, missing persons, etc. Hence you may wish to consider the various services being offered by the respective private investigators.

4. What does a private investigator do?

Private investigators conduct observational research to collect evidence of events happening at a particular location. 

Private investigators gather information for their clients from various sources including public records, social media sites, online forums, and even financial institutions.

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