21 Best Things To Do In Singapore

best things to do in Singapore

Singapore is a dense island state with several things to do. Its land mass might make you think there are few attractions, but without a proper plan, you will visit attractions that won’t give you the best experience.

We compiled this list of the best things to do in Singapore so you won’t waste your time on locations that don’t fit your preference.

#1. Best Things To Do Singapore – Seek Sophie

Seek Sophie
Image Credit: Seek Sophie
Location:12 Kallang Ave, #01-56 Workshop Lavender, Singapore 339511
Operating Hours:Mon to Sun: 9:30am – 6pm
Contact:chat@seeksophie.com (Email)
Price:Price varies
Google Review ratings:4.9 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ from 72 reviews as of 8 February 2023

Seek Sophie specialises in providing memorable experiences if you’re visiting Singapore. They offer various packages, activities, and personalised travel services. Seek Sophie to provide a hassle-free travel experience by taking care of all the arrangements, from transportation to accommodation.

Experienced and knowledgeable local guides lead Seek Sophie’s tours. These tour guides provide insightful commentaries perfect for educating you about the city-state.

One of the main benefits of Seek Sophie’s services is that it allows you to explore the city at your own pace based on your available schedule. Seek Sophie has something to offer if you’re interested in Singapore’s history, culture, cuisine, or adventure.

#2. Adventure HQ

Adventure HQ
Image Credit: Adventure HQ
Location:2 Yishun Walk, Singapore 767944
Operating Hours:Tue to Fri: 2pm – 9:30pm
Sat, Sun: 10am – 9:30pm
Mon: Closed
Contact:+63 6705 9420 (Call)
Price:From $32.00
Google Review ratings:4.9 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ from 5298 reviews as of 8 February 2023

Looking for things to do for kids and adults? Adventure HQ is a popular indoor adventure park located in the heart of Singapore. It offers various activities for both kids and adults, such as rock climbing, zip lining, ninja obstacle courses, and freefall jumps. The park is equipped with state-of-the-art facilities, ensuring that all activities are safe and enjoyable for everyone. The park is staffed by highly trained professionals who provide guidance and instruction to help visitors make the most of their experience.

In addition to its thrilling activities, Adventure HQ also features a range of amenities, including a restaurant, lounge, and retail store. The restaurant offers a selection of tasty, healthy food and drinks, while the lounge is a great place to relax after an exhilarating day of adventure. Adventure HQ is a must-visit destination for anyone looking for an exciting way to spend a day in Singapore.

#3. National Orchid Garden

National Orchid Garden
Image Credit: National Orchid Garden
Location:1 Cluny Rd, Singapore 259569
Operating Hours:Mon to Sun: 8:30am – 7pm
Contact:+65 6475 5060 (Call)
Price:From $1.00
Google Review ratings:4.8 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ from 329 reviews as of 8 February 2023

The National Orchid Garden, located within the Singapore Botanic Gardens, is a beautiful destination for both nature lovers and those who appreciate the beauty of ornate flora. It has a collection of over 60,000 orchid plants and 2,000 species and hybrids not found anywhere else in the world. The garden’s lush greenery and vibrant displays of orchids in a variety of colours and shapes create a breathtaking visual spectacle.

Visitors to the National Orchid Garden can stroll through themed gardens, such as the VIP Orchid Garden and the Cool House, which showcases tropical orchids in a controlled environment. The unique and intricate designs of the orchids and the garden’s tranquil setting provide a peaceful and rejuvenating escape from the bustling city. With its breathtaking displays and scenery, the National Orchid Garden is a truly stunning destination that will leave a lasting impression on visitors.

#4. Changi Experience Studio

Changi Experience Studio
Image Credit: Changi Experience Studio
Location:21 Airport Blvd., Level 4, Singapore 819666
Operating Hours:Mon to Sun: 10am – 10pm
Contact:+65 6956 9898 (Call)

contact.us@jewelchangiairport.com (Email)
Price:From $14.80
Google Review ratings:4.7 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ from 42 reviews as of 8 February 2023

The Changi Experience Studio is full of interactive activities as it allows visitors to engage with the exhibits in a hands-on and immersive way. The studio features state-of-the-art technology, including virtual reality, augmented reality, and sensory elements, which allow visitors to interact with the exhibits and experience the story of Changi Airport in a new and exciting way. For example, visitors can explore the airport’s history through an immersive virtual reality film or take a virtual tour of the airport’s world-famous rooftop pool.

In addition to its technological features, the Changi Experience Studio also incorporates elements of play and exploration, encouraging visitors to engage with the exhibits in a fun and interactive manner. The studio is designed to be accessible and enjoyable for visitors of all ages, making it a unique and engaging destination for families, travellers, and aviation enthusiasts alike. With its interactive exhibits and hands-on experiences, the Changi Experience Studio provides a memorable and entertaining way to discover the story of one of the world’s most innovative and dynamic airports.

#5. Jewel Changi Airport

Jewel Changi Airport
Image Credit: Jewel Changi Airport
Location:78 Airport Blvd., Singapore 819666
Operating Hours:Open 24 hours
Contact:+65 6956 9898 (Call)

contact.us@jewelchangiairport.com (Email)
Google Review ratings:4.7 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ from 39885 reviews as of 8 February 2023

Jewel Changi Airport is a highly acclaimed mixed-use development located at the heart of Singapore’s Changi Airport. It is a multi-faceted destination that boasts a range of amenities, including shopping, dining, entertainment, and green spaces.

One of the most notable features of Jewel Changi Airport is the HSBC Rain Vortex, the world’s tallest indoor waterfall. The waterfall is surrounded by a lush indoor garden known as the Forest Valley, which is home to over 2,000 species of plants and a variety of walking trails. In addition to its natural beauty, Jewel Changi Airport also offers a wide range of dining options, ranging from quick bites to gourmet restaurants.

The development is also home to several entertainment attractions, such as the Canopy Park, an indoor play and discovery centre, and the Changi Experience Studio, an interactive exhibition that showcases the story of Changi Airport. With its stunning architecture, beautiful gardens, and diverse range of amenities, Jewel Changi Airport is a must-visit destination for anyone travelling to Singapore.

#6. Singapore Botanic Gardens

Singapore Botanic Gardens
Image Credit: Singapore Botanic Gardens
Location:1 Cluny Rd, Singapore 259569
Operating Hours:Mon to Sun: 5am – 12am
Contact:+65  6475 5060 (Call)

nparks_sbg_visitor_services@nparks.gov.sg (Email)
Google Review ratings:4.7 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ from 36723 reviews as of 8 February 2023

The Singapore Botanic Gardens is a world-renowned destination that showcases the country’s commitment to preserving and promoting the beauty of nature. Established in 1859, the Gardens have a rich history and are vital to Singapore’s cultural and environmental heritage. The Gardens cover 82 hectares and are home to an impressive collection of over 10,000 species of plants, including rare and exotic specimens from around the world.

The Singapore Botanic Gardens is not just a beautiful park. It is also a hub for scientific research and education, hosting various events and programs to promote awareness and appreciation of the natural world. The Gardens are home to the National Orchid Garden, which showcases an extensive collection of orchids and is a popular tourist attraction.

#7. Gardens By The Bay

Gardens By The Bay
Image Credit: Gardens By The Bay
Location:18 Marina Gardens Dr, Singapore 018953
Operating Hours:Mon to Sun: 5am – 2am
Contact:+65 6420 6848 (Call)

feedback@gardensbythebay.com.sg (Email)
Price:From $15
Google Review ratings:4.7 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ from 118553 reviews as of 8 February 2023

Gardens by the Bay is a must-visit destination for travellers in Singapore, offering a unique and breathtaking experience. One of the highlights of Gardens by the Bay is the iconic Supertree Grove, a collection of towering steel structures covered in greenery that provides a stunning backdrop. The Supertree Grove is also home to an aerial walkway, which offers breathtaking views of the Gardens and the surrounding city.

If you are looking for more things to do over here, the Gardens are home to the Flower Dome and the Cloud Forest, conservatories which showcase the beauty and diversity of plants worldwide. Gardens by the Bay is also a popular destination for families, with various interactive exhibits and activities that are both educational and entertaining.

#8. Universal Studios Singapore

Universal Studios Singapore
Image Credit: Universal Studios Singapore
Location:8 Sentosa Gateway, Singapore 098269
Operating Hours:Wed to Sun: 11am – 6pm
Mon, Tue: Closed
Contact:enquiries@RWSentosa.com (Email)
Price:From $58.00
Google Review ratings:4.6 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ from 84200 reviews as of 8 February 2023

Universal Studios Singapore is a world-class theme park within Resorts World Sentosa that offers many amenities. The park has something for everyone, from thrilling rides and attractions to delicious dining options.

One of the key amenities at Universal Studios Singapore is the range of exciting rides and attractions. Whether you’re a fan of action-packed thrills or more relaxed experiences, there’s something for everyone. From the heart-pumping Battlestar Galactica: HUMAN vs CYLON to the family-friendly Sesame Street Spaghetti Space Chase, there’s something for visitors of all ages.

#9. Skypark Sentosa

Skypark Sentosa
Image Credit: Skypark Sentosa
Location:30 Siloso Beach Walk, Sentosa Island, 30, Singapore 099011
Operating Hours:Mon to Fri: 1:30pm – 7pm
Sat, Sun: 11:30am – 7pm
Contact:+65 6911 3070 (Call)
Price:From $59.00
Google Review ratings:4.6 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ from 762 reviews as of 8 February 2023

SkyPark Sentosa is a thrilling destination for adventure-seekers in Sentosa Island, offering a range of exciting activities and experiences. It caters to daredevils looking for a rush of adrenaline or people simply looking for a unique and fun way to experience Sentosa.

One of the most popular activities at SkyPark Sentosa is the Sentosa SkyBridge, a suspended walkway that offers breathtaking views of Singapore. Another popular activity is the Sentosa SkyJump. This heart-pumping experience allows visitors to leap off the side of the bridge and enjoy a free fall experience with a controlled landing. Its range of exciting activities and breathtaking views offers something for everyone and provides a truly unforgettable experience.

#10. Singapore Zoo

Singapore Zoo
Image Credit: Singapore Zoo
Location:80 Mandai Lake Rd, Singapore 729826
Operating Hours:Mon to Sun: 8:30am – 6pm
Contact:+65 6269 3411 (Call)
Price:From $20.00
Google Review ratings:4.6 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ from 37717 reviews as of 8 February 2023

The Singapore Zoo is a world-renowned destination home to many record-breaking attractions. The zoo is known for its innovative and cutting-edge exhibits and has been recognised as one of the best zoos in the world.

One of the most notable things held by the Singapore Zoo is its famous Open Concept exhibit, which allows visitors to see the animals in their natural habitats, free from traditional barriers such as cages or moats. This innovative exhibit was the first of its kind in the world and has since inspired many other zoos to follow in its footsteps. Singapore Zoo is perfect for both education and fun for the family.

#11. Marina Bay Sands

Marina Bay Sands
Image Credit: Marina Bay Sands
Location:10 Bayfront Ave, Singapore 018956
Operating Hours:Open 24 hours
Contact:+65 6688 8888 (Call)

room.reservations@marinabaysands.com (Email)
Price:Price varies
Google Review ratings:4.6 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ from 33421 reviews as of 8 February 2023

Marina Bay Sands is a landmark building that has completely transformed the Singapore skyline. The iconic structure, located in the heart of downtown Singapore, has become one of the city’s most recognisable landmarks and has helped to put Singapore on the map as a premier tourist destination.

Marina Bay Sands was designed by the world-renowned architect Moshe Safdie and was built to be an integrated resort that would provide visitors with a one-of-a-kind experience. The building features three towers connected by a massive, sky-high platform that serves as the resort’s centrepiece. Marina Bay Sands continues to draw visitors from all over the world who experience its unique and unparalleled offerings.

#12. S.E.A. Aquarium

SEA Aquarium
Image Credit: S.E.A. Aquarium
Location:8 Sentosa Gateway, Sentosa Island, Singapore 098269
Operating Hours:Fri to Tue: 10am – 5pm
Wed, Thu: Closed 
Contact:enquiries@RWSentosa.com (Email)
Price:From $32.00
Google Review ratings:4.6 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ from 23100 reviews as of 8 February 2023

The S.E.A. Aquarium is an exciting and awe-inspiring destination for visitors of all ages. Located in the heart of Sentosa, this vast aquarium is home to over 100,000 marine animals and offers a truly immersive and interactive experience.

One of the highlights of the S.E.A. Aquarium is its massive Open Ocean habitat, which houses an incredible variety of marine life, including rays, sharks, and hundreds of different species of fish. Visitors can walk through a glass tunnel and watch as these magnificent creatures swim overhead, offering an up-close and personal view of the ocean’s diverse and fascinating inhabitants. The S.E.A. Aquarium is an exciting and unforgettable destination for anyone interested in marine life and conservation.

#13. Singapore Flyer

Singapore Flyer
Image Credit: Singapore Flyer
Location:30 Raffles Ave., Singapore 039803
Operating Hours:Thu to Mon: 2pm – 9:15pm
Tue, Wed: 2pm – 9:30pm
Contact:+65 6333 3311 (Call)

customer_service@singaporeflyer.com (Email)
Price:From $25
Google Review ratings:4.6 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ from 17054 reviews as of 8 February 2023

The Singapore Flyer is a unique attraction located in the heart of Marina Bay and provides panoramic views of the city and its surroundings. Standing at 165 meters tall, the Singapore Flyer is one of the tallest Ferris wheels in the world. You also get a more spacious passenger car over a cable car ride.

The Singapore Flyer provides 360-degree views of the city, including landmarks such as Marina Bay Sands, Gardens by the Bay, city hall, and the Singapore Strait. The Singapore Flyer is equipped with the latest technology, including a state-of-the-art LED light system and audio-visual presentations that enhance the overall experience. The Singapore Flyer is also open in the evening and provides spectacular views of the city at night, offering a truly unforgettable experience.

#14. National Gallery Singapore

National Gallery Singapore
Image Credit: National Gallery Singapore
Location:1 St Andrew’s Rd, #01 – 01, Singapore 178957
Operating Hours:Mon to Sun: 10am – 7pm
Contact:+65 6271 7000 (Call)

info@nationalgallery.sg (Email)
Price:From $15
Google Review ratings:4.6 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ from 11988 reviews as of 8 February 2023

The National Gallery Singapore is a premier national museum that features a diverse collection of Southeast Asian art. It is housed in two historic buildings, the former Supreme Court and City Hall, which have been beautifully restored and transformed into a world-class cultural institution.

The galleries within the National Gallery Singapore offer a comprehensive look at the region’s rich artistic heritage, showcasing works by prominent artists from Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, the Philippines, and beyond. The galleries are Southeast Asian Modern Art, 19th-Century Art, Singapore Art, Photography, and Film and Media Arts. Each gallery within the National Gallery Singapore is designed to offer visitors a unique and immersive experience, showcasing Singapore’s history and evolving cultural identity.

#15. Asian Civilisations Museum

Asian Civilisations Museum
Image Credit: Asian Civilisations Museum
Location:1 Empress Pl, Singapore 179555
Operating Hours:Sat to Thu: 10am – 7pm
Fri: 10am – 9pm
Contact:+65 6332 7798 (Call)

nhb_acm_vs@nhb.gov.sg (Email)
Price:From $15
Google Review ratings:4.5 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ from 4350 reviews as of 8 February 2023

The Asian Civilisations Museum is one of the premier cultural institutions in Singapore. Here are some of the key galleries within the Asian Civilisations Museum:

  • The Tang Shipwreck Gallery: This gallery features a collection of artefacts from the Tang Shipwreck, a 9th-century Arab merchant ship discovered off Indonesia’s coast. The exhibition includes ceramics, gold, and silverware that provide a glimpse into the trade and cultural exchange of the period.
  • The South Asian Galleries: These galleries feature a range of works from the South Asian region, including sculptures, paintings, textiles, and jewellery.
  • The Southeast Asian Galleries: These galleries showcase the rich cultural heritage of Southeast Asia, including works from the Buddhist, Hindu, and Islamic traditions.
  • The Chinese Galleries: These galleries showcase the rich artistic heritage of China, including works from the Tang, Song, Ming, and Qing dynasties.
  • The West Asian Galleries: These galleries showcase the rich cultural heritage of West Asia, including works from the Islamic and Ottoman periods.

Each gallery within the Asian Civilisations Museum offers visitors a unique and immersive experience, showcasing the rich heritage and diversity of Asia’s civilisations. With its world-class collections and diverse exhibitions, the museum is perfect for anyone interested in Asian art and culture.

#16. Clarke Quay

Clarke Quay
Image Credit: Clarke Quay
Location:3 River Valley Rd, Singapore 179024
Operating Hours:Mon to Sun: 10am – 11pm
Contact:+65 6631 9931 (Call)

retail@capitaland.com (Email)
Price:Not Found
Google Review ratings:4.5 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ from 37521 reviews as of 8 February 2023

Clarke Quay is a bustling business district known for its lively atmosphere and vibrant mix of entertainment, dining, and retail options, making it a popular destination for locals and tourists alike.

The district is also home to several top-tier hotels, making it an ideal location for travellers. Clarke Quay is also known for contributing to the rich cultural heritage of lion city. The area is situated along the Singapore River, which was once the centre of the city’s commerce and transportation. Today, the river is a thriving commercial and entertainment hub, offering visitors a unique blend of old and new.

#17. ArtScience Museum

ArtScience Museum
Image Credit: ArtScience Museum
Location:6 Bayfront Avenue, Singapore 018974
Operating Hours:Mon to Sun: 10am – 7pm
Contact:+65 6688 8888 (Call)
Price:From $9.80
Google Review ratings:4.5 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ from 11616 reviews as of 8 February 2023

The ArtScience Museum in Singapore is an interactive and educational venue that aims to engage children and young visitors in the wonders of art, science, and technology. The museum offers a range of programs and exhibits designed to educate and inspire young minds, encouraging them to explore and discover the world around them.

The museum educates kids through its interactive exhibitions. These exhibitions allow children to engage with the displayed works and exhibit hands-on, allowing them to experience first-hand the concepts and ideas behind the exhibits.

In addition to the exhibitions, the ArtScience Museum also offers a range of engaging educational programs for kids. These programs may include workshops, talks, and other events that aim to deepen children’s understanding of the subjects covered by the museum.

#18. Singapore River Cruise

Singapore River Cruise
Image Credit: Singapore River Cruise
Location:CLARK QUAY, JETTY, Singapore 058282
Operating Hours:Mon to Thu: 1pm – 10pm
Fri to Sun: 10am – 10pm
Contact:+65 6867 6867 (Call)

reservations@aqueenhotels.com (Email)
Price:From $15
Google Review ratings:4.4 ⭐⭐⭐⭐ from 781 reviews as of 8 February 2023

Singapore River Cruise is the perfect way to uniquely explore the city’s vibrant culture and rich history. The cruise takes visitors on a scenic journey along the Singapore River, showcasing the city’s iconic landmarks and bustling waterways.

One of the highlights of the cruise is the stunning views of the city’s skyline, which is dotted with towering skyscrapers, historic buildings, and lush greenery. The cruise is a great way to get a sense of the city’s past and present as you learn about the history and development of the Singapore River.

The cruise is also a great opportunity to sample some local cuisines. You can enjoy delicious street food and drinks onboard and even try a traditional Singaporean dish such as chilli crab or Hainanese chicken rice. It’s a great way to unwind, see the city from a different perspective, and learn about its fascinating history and culture.

#19. Science Centre Singapore

Science Centre Singapore
Image Credit: Science Centre Singapore
Location:15 Science Centre Rd, Singapore 609081
Operating Hours:Tue to Sun: 10am – 5pm
Contact:+65 6425 2500 (Call)
Price:We suggest to request a quote
Google Review ratings:4.4 ⭐⭐⭐⭐ from 6643 reviews as of 8 February 2023

Science Centre Singapore is a family-friendly destination that offers a unique and engaging experience for visitors of all ages. The Science Centre provides a fun and interactive way to learn about science, technology, and the natural world.

One of the highlights of the Science Centre is its numerous exhibitions and interactive displays, which aim to educate and inspire visitors. The Science Centre provides a safe and engaging environment for families with young children to learn and explore.

The Science Centre also offers various programs and events designed to be both educational and entertaining. There’s always something happening at the Science Centre, from workshops and talks to science-themed films and shows.

#20. Ifly Singapore

Ifly Singapore
Image Credit: Ifly Singapore
Location:43 Siloso Beach Walk, #01-01, iFly, Singapore 099010
Operating Hours:Mon to Sun: 9am – 10pm
Contact:+65 6571 0000 (Call) 

info@iflysingapore.com (Email)
Price:From $59.00
Google Review ratings:4.3 ⭐⭐⭐⭐ from 1428 reviews as of 8 February 2023

iFly Singapore provides an exhilarating experience for adventure enthusiasts. The main attraction at iFly Singapore is its state-of-the-art wind tunnel, which uses powerful fans to create a controlled column of air. This allows visitors to experience the sensation of freefall accessible to people of all ages and skill levels.

Expert instructors are on hand to guide you through the experience. Its state-of-the-art facilities and expert instructors make it the perfect destination for thrill-seekers and adventure enthusiasts.

#21. Night Safari

Night Safari
Image Credit: Night Safari
Location:80 Mandai Lake Rd, Singapore 729826
Operating Hours:Mon to Sun: 6:30pm – 12am
Contact:+65 6269 3411 (Call)
Price:From $20
Google Review ratings:4.2 ⭐⭐⭐⭐ from 25804 reviews as of 8 February 2023

The Night Safari in Singapore offers a unique and unforgettable experience as the world’s first nocturnal wildlife park. One of the main attractions at the Night Safari is the guided tram tour, which takes visitors on a journey through seven different habitats, each home to a different group of nocturnal animals.

During the tour, visitors will see a wide range of animals, including Asian elephants, tigers, leopards, and many others, all in their natural habitats. Whether you’re an animal lover, a nature enthusiast, or simply seeking a unique and exciting experience, the Night Safari in Singapore is the perfect destination.

Conclusion About The Best Things To Do In Singapore

Singapore is a vibrant city filled with a mix of fun activities and historical areas, and attractions. It has everything from families to individuals who want to meditate and experience the world.

For more attractions, visit our other article about things to do in Singapore. Singapore has more to offer than the attractions listed here, as these are only the more famous attractions. There are other attractions for people who want a quieter experience.

Note: For the latest and most recent updates on the above recommendations, refer to their respective website for the most accurate information.

Frequently Asked Things About The Best Things To Do In Singapore

What are fun activities for two people in Singapore?

There are different attractions fun for two people, such as the Mega Adventure Park, Night Safari, Gardens By The Bay, a river-themed wildlife park, and exploring Sentosa Island. Singapore also has more than one national museum you can visit with a friend or partner.

What Attractions Are Free In Singapore?

The free attractions in Singapore are the Singapore Botanic Gardens, Marina Bay, Chinatown, Orchard Road, Merlion Park, and many more. It’s best to check out websites that help you book trips to check whether an attraction is free.

Where Can I Spend Quiet Time In Singapore?

Singapore has many parks and beaches perfect for picnics. Quieter areas such as St. John’s Island and Lazarus Island are great for a quieter and more intimate experience.

Is Singapore A 24-hour City?

Singapore is a city that never sleeps. It has numerous venues and attractions that are usually open until late at night or are open around the clock.

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