Singapore Card Games: 17 Hottest Card Games that Singaporeans Are Playing

Singapore Card Games: 17 Hottest Card Games that Singaporeans Are Playing

The Battle Of Card Games and Board Games in Singapore

Assessing aspects like design, versatility, and popularity, we have put together 21 hottest card games and board games that Singaporeans are playing right now! 

Ready. Set. Go!

#1 Singapore Card Games – Exploding Kittens

Singapore Card Games: 17 Hottest Card Games that Singaporeans Are Playing

kekikeki | S$5.30

Suitable Age Group: [Original - 7+] / [NSFW 30+]

If kitties, explosions, and laser beam are your thing, then this card game is the one for you. There’s no secret to the Exploding Kittens’ fiery success – their signature absurdist comic drawings!

This card game is like UNO, except it enables players to weaponize powers such as using the back hair and laser pointers to defuse a kitten’s explosiveness. This outlandish, hilarious, and silly card game will definitely make you laugh out loud.

Nested among a deck of cards there is a mix of some innocuous cards and exploding kittens. After drawing a card from the deck, the player can either choose to take an action or none at all for each turn. 

But if an exploding kitten card is drawn, the player can play a defuse card or be booted from the game. Until there’s only one surviving player left, you need to play this card game with strategy and wits.

Exploding Kittens – Original version (red box) are kids and family-friendly. But if you want to hype up the nights out with your friends at a bar or chalet, go for the Exploding Kittens – NSFW version (black box).

#2 Singapore Card Games – Sleeping Queens

Singapore Card Games: 17 Hottest Card Games that Singaporeans Are Playing

Toy Station | S$21.90

Suitable Age Group: 8+

So you think you are smarter than a kid? Invented by a six-year-old girl, the Sleeping Queens will put your interpersonal skills to test.

Your job for this game is to collect as many queens and defeat dastardly dragons to win. Like playing mahjong (a Chinese tile-based game), this game can actually help you strengthen memory and arithmetic skills. True Story.

Start the game with 12 queen cards facing down (in other words, these queens are sleeping). The aim is to collect the most number of queen cards to win the game.

The deck of cards is made up of numbers from 1 to 10 and other characters (like a king, knight, dragons, etc). Use a knight card to kidnap another player’s queen and king to wake a queen.

Players can make 3 different moves with their cards on hand: 1) discard one card to draw a new card, 2) pair two cards, or 3) only if you have 3 or more number cards, arrange the cards into an addition equation (eg. 3,4,1 could be 1+3=4) then discard them and draw new cards.

Do not play this game with kids as you’ll probably end up losing big time. It’s quite embarrassing.

#3 Singapore Card Games – Hasbro Monopoly Deal

Singapore Card Games: 17 Hottest Card Games that Singaporeans Are Playing

Toy Station | S$18.90

Suitable Age Group: 8+

Hasbro Monopoly Deal does require a little time to get familiar with the game’s rules at first. But once you’ve got a couple of practice, it’s very easy to get into the swing of things.

This face-pace card game is similar to the original monopoly, except there’s no board. The goal is still the same – build-up property sets, gather piles of money and keep dealing until you’re the monopoly deal winner.

Likewise for the strong emotions – everyone will get rowdy at some point in time. 

Each player draws 5 cards on hand. The first player is to take 2 cards from the draw pile and take up to 3 actions for 1 turn. Before moving on to the next player, he/ she has to place any extra cards at the bottom of the draw pile. 

All cards can be used as money, but once you’ve declared the card as “money”, it cannot be used for anything else. To demand payment, you can use the “Debt Collector”, “It’s My Birthday”, and “Rent” cards. 

Play this card game with your property agent. You’ll learn a lot about the person.

#4 Singapore Card Games – Saboteur

Singapore Card Games: 17 Hottest Card Games that Singaporeans Are Playing

getbeaned | S$24.90

Suitable Age Group: 8+

Saboteur (more like “Sabo-king/queen” in Singaporeans context). Saboteur is about a team of dwarves digging their way to find gold. Some dwarves are determined to find the gold, some just want to sabotage, others just want to watch the world burn.

What makes this game thrilling is that nobody knows who is who. This petite and snappy card game will definitely bring lots of sass to the table.

Before the game begins, each player will be given a role – gold digger to find gold or saboteur to stop the gold diggers from finding the gold. Fortunately or unfortunately, the saboteurs are always the minority. 

Start with 3 goal cards (one tunnel with gold, 3 others with coal in it) placed down on the table, 7 card spaces apart. Depending on the number of players, each player is to draw a certain number of cards.

Then use tools (like a pickaxe, trolley, lamp, etc) to make a path towards the gold.

If you enjoy lying and wrecking your friends, Saboteur is one of the simplest games to bluff and deceit.

#5 Singapore Card Games – One Night Ultimate Werewolf

Singapore Card Games: 17 Hottest Card Games that Singaporeans Are Playing

kekikeki | S$12.80

Suitable Age Group: 8+

Chances are, you may have played this classic One Night Ultimate Werewolf card game at a gathering, a party, or some game conventions.

If you have not, the gist of this game is all about being good at hiding your roles. There’s a lot of variations to this card game but it will definitely keep you going on all night.

This heavily psychological manipulation game does not require much more than a deck of cards and it can get quite intense… unless you get eliminated early.

Begin the game by selecting your roles from the character’s deck (Villager, Hunter, Doppelganger, Werewolves, etc).

Once everyone is aware of their roles, all players have to enter the “night” phase (which is to close their eyes).

An action will be performed (e.g. someone is killed, etc) before proceeding to the “day” phase.

Players have to deduce, among them, who the Werewolves are.. If the werewolf is killed, the villagers have won! But if all the characters are killed, the werewolves have won!

If you have no friends to play this card game with you, check out the One Night Ultimate Werewolf’s app on android. 

#6 Singapore Card Games – Bears vs Babies

Singapore Card Games: 17 Hottest Card Games that Singaporeans Are Playing

kekikeki | S$18.90

Suitable Age Group: 10+

‘Hype’ is one hell of a marketing tool! After the roaring success of the Exploding Kittens, creator Elan Lee returned with Bears vs Babies.

Pitched as a kid-friendly card game, Bears vs Babies is built around vicious bears and violent babies. Say what??….

The fluffy box is definitely a gimmick which you and I know but it’s just so nice to touch…and you bought it anyway…

Well, the goal of this game is to defeat some of the most strange and terrifying babies including “butterfly axe baby,” “portuguese man o’ baby,” and “spider baby”.

You can summon up to 5 of your weirdest friends to play this fast-paced card game with you.

You must build the strongest bear/monster army in order to defeat the baby horde. All players have to work together by attempting to acquire body parts for their Franken-armies.

Along with being hilarious, this card game requires you to take down the baby army before it becomes unmanageable. Only one person with the most points (each baby has a value) wins at the end of the game.

Despite the nature of this game where it encourages a fun mix of cooperative play, the fact that there can only be one winner makes the game extremely provoking. What a great opportunity to screw over your friends.

#7 Singapore Card Games – The Mind

Singapore Card Games: 17 Hottest Card Games that Singaporeans Are Playing

Ming An Collection | S$14.90

Suitable Age Group: 10+

The rules of The Mind card game may look simple, yet there is just something special and transcending about it…

Yes, it’ll get your mind frazzled. But why?

Try and concur 12 levels of agonizing silent card play. As you play, the pressure of getting into the rhythm with your team gets stronger.

The more you play, the more you will sink into it and ultimately becomes ultra addictive. 

The cards range from 1 to 100. Without any communication (besides staring at each other in the eye intensely), players have to play out the cards in ascending order. There is no turn order and everyone plays when they feel that the time is right.

It may sound ridiculous but this step is extremely important. By putting your palm on the table before you play your card, it can help you focus on everyone’s mind for what’s coming.

#8 Singapore Card Games – Singaporean Dream

Singapore Card Games: 17 Hottest Card Games that Singaporeans Are Playing

RPG – Right Place For Gadgets | S$30.00

Suitable Age Group: 13+

The Singaporean Dream is about being the perfect citizen of Singapore by all ways and means – Pay, steal or sabo with this fun and interactive card game!

Created by Singapore’s very own SGAG, these 104 uniquely illustrated cards of hilarious Singaporean references will bring hours of fun, laughter, and entertainment. Legit sial!

Players have to select a personality – Aunty, CBD Office Lady, Complain Queen, NSF, Ah Beng.

Just follow the instructions (or rather the Rules) and collect the most dream cards to win the game!

Dream Cards can be bought with Cash cards or exchange with Action cards. 

This game promises a whole afternoon of scheming against your closest friend, literally stealing their dreams away…hehehehe

#9 Singapore Card Games – Unstable Unicorns

Singapore Card Games: 17 Hottest Card Games that Singaporeans Are Playing

Ming An Collection | S$29.90

Suitable Age Group: 14+

The Unstable Unicorns is a great icebreaker game but as players get to know each other, winning can be manufactured.

The descriptions and abilities of each card are wacky, surprisingly deep and effortless to play. It is no wonder that the rumor has it that the Unstable Unicorns is even better than the Exploding Kittens. 

The first player will start the game by drawing a card, play a card or draw 2 cards. Then follow the instructions of the card while playing the game.

Players’ goal is to gather a full stable of six to seven unicorns and also stop others from accomplishing the goal. Any additional cards (more than 7 cards on hand) have to be discarded.

Even though the recommended age is 14 and up to play the game, it contains a fair bit of sexual humor, even without its NSFW expansion pack. Perhaps 17+ would be a more suitable age rating in Singapore? 

#10 Singapore Card Games – Cards Against Humanity

Singapore Card Games: 17 Hottest Card Games that Singaporeans Are Playing

kekikeki | S$16.80

Suitable Age Group: 17+

The most accurate way to describe Cards Against Humanity is “A Lego of jokes”.

This game is set to encourage players to poke fun at every awkward or taboo subject including gender, poverty, alcoholism, drugs, race, religion, sex, celebrities, and other little annoyances from everyday life. 

Nominate a player as the judge (also known as “Card Czar”). The Card Czar is to show the players the first card he/ she choose from the top of the deck (it can be a dark question or fill-in-the-blank card).

The other players will each be holding ten white cards at the beginning of each round and then pass a card (representing their answer) to the Card Czar, face-down. The answer card which the Card Czar deems the funniest, he/ she will give the player who submitted the answer that question card (1 point).

Continue the game with a new Card Czar by moving on to the player on the left. The most question card collector is the winner!

Cards Against Humanity Cards is a party game and it could get you some weird looks if you play it in your office.

#11 Singapore Card Games – Never Have I Ever

Singapore Card Games: 17 Hottest Card Games that Singaporeans Are Playing

Ming An Collection | S$29.90

Suitable Age Group: 17+

Sold as “The Game Of Poor Life Decisions”, the Never Have I Ever card game is commonly played as a drinking game in many parties and gatherings.

The excitement of this card game is that you can play it with any group of friends and even family! Simply review the play cards beforehand and determined if those sexual context is appropriate for the group of players. 

Players have to each pick a card and answer the question. If the answer does not satisfy the other players, drink or face your punishment!

You must be prepared to follow the most important rule of this game though – What is being said or happened around the table, stays at the table.

#12 Singapore Card Games – What Do You Meme

Singapore Card Games: 17 Hottest Card Games that Singaporeans Are Playing

Toy Station | S$39.90

Suitable Age Group: 17+

The best adult card games you can buy” – Business Insider.

Gather your friends who have no filter and break out the What Do You Mem card game. The deck includes cards that feature popular meme images and captions ranging from silly (“When you eat peanut butter too fast and regret ever being born”) to NSFW ([redacted]).

Begin the game by nominating a Judge. The Judge is to draw a meme card from the top of the deck and the other players have to pair the caption.

Whoever that the Judge deems the best caption wins that round. Judges are on a rotational basis and the player with the most winning captions is the ultimate winner! (We know what you are thinking and yes… this card game is just like the Cards Against Humanity Game.)

Playing What Do You Meme can get pretty raunchy. Think twice before playing with your conservative family. If you get what I meme.

#13 Singapore Card Games – Awkward Turtle

Singapore Card Games: 17 Hottest Card Games that Singaporeans Are Playing

Ming An Collection | S$12.90

Suitable Age Group: 17+

Love a crude sense of humor and word games? Play the Awkward Turtle card game if you want your party night a little risque that does not go off the deep end.

This awkward game is designed to make you guess awkward words that are sometimes outright dirty and other times only your imagination will make you cringe.

Divide into two teams (minimum 2 players per team). Each team is to split themselves into the player that describe the word and the other to guess. The team has 60 seconds to describe and guess as many words correctly as they can. The first team to score 30 points wins.

The Awkward Turtle card game is not for those who love high brow humor.

#14 Singapore Card Games – KinderPerfect

Singapore Card Games: 17 Hottest Card Games that Singaporeans Are Playing

Ming An Collection | S$24.90

Suitable Age Group: 17+

Calling all parents or even soon-to-be-parents! Come, have a glass of wine while we have a moment away from the kids.

The KinderPerfect laughs at the challenges of parenthood with 400 hilarious cards from the actual parenting experience – the good, the bad, and poops.

Grown-ups can also play with their parents to learn fun facts about their childhood and relatives parenting skills too!

The rules are similar to the Cards Against Humanity… again… BUT slightly different and interesting!

First, nominate a Parent. The Parent is to pick a card from the top of the deck and read out the Question card (red). The other players will submit their Answer card (white).

The Parent picks the winner with the best Answer which then becomes the Parent for the next round. Win the game by amassing useless Answer cards (just like in real life). 

Bonus for extra fun: Play KinderPerfect with the Cards Against Humanity card deck.

Card game might give expecting moms and new parents the Caillou (the triptych of modern parental terror)

#15 Singapore Card Games – Joking Hazard

Singapore Card Games: 17 Hottest Card Games that Singaporeans Are Playing

kekikeki | S$11.80

Suitable Age Group: 17+

Joking hazard is to anyone who are looking for a hilarious party game with 3 to 10 adults (especially those who enjoy games intended for mature audiences).

This game is built upon funny and terrible comics about friendship violence, sex and everything else in between. It is almost impossible not to laugh with the sarcasm and distasteful of this card game.

Often players can be heard giggling as they consider the options in their hand.  

The general idea of this game is to complete a comic strip story with the cards. A Judge has to be nominated (usually the owner of the Joking Hazard).

The Judge will ‘start the story’ by picking a card from the top of the deck. The rest of the players puts their best punch line facedown (to continue the comic story) and the Judge goes through them. The winner goes to whichever is the funniest!

Not suitable for players that are less in tune with graphic violence or profanity and a 100% definite ‘NO’ for kids. 

#16 Singapore Card Games – Disturbed Friends

Singapore Card Games: 17 Hottest Card Games that Singaporeans Are Playing

D.Y.O.N International | S$8.90

Suitable Age Group: 17+

It is quite right that the box says “this game should be banned”. Disturbed Friends is created to allow you to see how disturbed your friends are, and how disturbed they think you are. This card game is truly the next level of the Cards Against Humanity. 

Each player takes a turn in asking a question card and provides 3 answers to the other players to guess.

The other players then place their Answer card (A, B, or C) face down before their voting card.

The player that asked the question has to read out the answer and award the other players who have guessed correctly with a Winning card. The first player that has 5 Winning cards wins!

Disturbed friends will make you reevaluate your friendships after having to face some horrible situations and unethical debates.

#17 Singapore Card Games – Limpeh Says

Singapore Card Games: 17 Hottest Card Games that Singaporeans Are Playing

Toy Station | S$39.90

Suitable Age Group: 18+

Uniquely to the citizens of Singapore, Limpeh Says is just like the Cards Against Humanity except that it has an extremely strong local twist and kids-friendly.

The brainchild of Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts (NAFA) student Tan Yong Heng created a ‘morally wrong but politically right’ card game with references to aunties on MRTs, ERP gantries, National Service systems, underage ah lians and more!

Start with the first player to draw a Red card and everyone else place their best answer with a White card. The funniest combination wins. Simple game right?! 

Play with your angmo, oppa or any other overseas friends if you don’t have time (or simply too lazy) to show them around Singapore.

In A Nutshell

What’s your favorite game that you must play during a gathering with friends and family? Let us know your recommendations in the comments below!

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