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Introduction of English Tuition Centre in Singapore

As English is the primary language used in school, a high level of proficiency gives students a vital advantage across most subjects. 

Beginning with the fundamentals of writing, reading, and speaking English, attending an English Tuition centre in Singapore allows one to work on different aspects of mastery of the language. 

Should you wish to enhance your child’s English proficiency further, consider the 11 English Tuition Centres in Singapore that we’ve complied in this article.  

1. Do Applied Learning

Do Applied Learning
Image credit: Do Applied Learning
Class Size Regular
Complimentary Diagnostic Session Yes
Phone +65 9105 0593
Opening Hours Monday – Sunday, 12-10 pm
Website https://doappliedlearning.com.sg/

The Founder, Mr Daniel, is a responsible father of 2 lovely children. He knows grades are important, but Core values would serve them for life and not just for a test.

Thus at DoAppliedLearning, they emphasise Results Through Values.

What are Results Through Values?

Image credit: Do Applied Learning

DoAppliedLearning combines proven, powerful English study strategies with their Pentagon Values system to arm all their students with the tools and thinking processes.

In other words, they don’t just focus on the next exam grade or that A.

They do all that and equip their students with mental frameworks to help them achieve continuous success after graduation.

These are the five values in their Pentagon Values System:

1) Humility – Students can only improve when they accept that they’re making mistakes.

2) Courage – Instead of pushing blame, top students face their shortcomings head-on.

3) Diligence – Old fashioned hard work is applied to overcome those shortcomings.

4) Discernment – By equipping students with the right frameworks to help them analyse situations logically – such is what will distinguish them from the rest of the pack.

5) Attentiveness – Minimise careless mistakes by paying attention to detail.

Why their Pentagon Values System is so effective

Exam difficulty has increased over the years, and it doesn’t seem to be stopping anytime soon. By just purely teaching the updated syllabus and drilling it into our students, this is just being reactive.

DoAppliedLearning aims to be adaptive.

They created a learning model that allows their students to thrive regardless of how difficult the syllabus becomes.

This process is achieved by emphasising training the student’s mindsets and thinking processes — instead of pure memorisation.

Their Pentagon Values System, combined with their proven English study systems, have created countless success stories of students acing their exams and careers.

2. The Learning Board

The Learning Board
Image credit: The Learning Board
  • Primary School Students 
  • Secondary School Students
Class Size 6 to 10 students
Phone +65 9271 0648
Website https://www.thelearningboard.com.sg/ 

The teaching methods used in The Learning Board allows students to learn at their own pace without feeling like they are rushing through. When students acquire mastery over the subject, they will then be motivated to advance their learning further.

The Learning Board also ensures their MOE-compliant study materials have its own set of examples that are continuously updated with the most current and relevant practice in preparation for exams.

Coupled with the extensive experience of the qualified teachers, The Learning Board have assisted many students in accomplishing better performance in their studies.

3. EduEdge English Specialists

EduEdge English Specialists
Image credit: EduEdge English Specialists
  • Primary School Students 
  • Secondary School Students
Class Size Regular
Phone NA
Website https://www.eduedge-tuition.com/ 

Edu Egde aims to assist individuals with productive English language learning. 

Recognising that not all students can learn English effectively, Edu Edge has developed a Formula-Style approach with step-by-step guidance.

With this unique method, Edu Edge has assisted thousands of students in achieving higher scores in their English language.

4. Augustine’s English Classes

Augustine's English Classes
Image credit: Augustine’s English Classes
  • Primary School Students 
  • Secondary School Students
Class Size Maximum of 10 students
Phone +65 6816 7868
Website https://augustineenglishclasses.com/

The primary approach of Augustine’s English Classes is Active Learning. 

Active learning is a form of student-centered learning in which students are given responsibility for their own learning and working together with their classmates. 

A few examples would be group discussion, problem solving using actual data, role playing, etc.

5. Edufirst Learning Centre

Edufirst Learning Centre
Image credit: Edufirst Learning Centre
  • Pre-school
  • Primary School Students 
  • Secondary School Students
Class Size Maximum of 8 students
Phone +65 9106 7716
Website https://www.edufirst.com.sg/

Edufirst Learning Centre aims to aid students in stretching their learning abilities to the best of their potential. Classes are kept to a maximum of 8 students to ensure ample attention to every student.

Understanding that students may face a heavy load of homework from school, Edufirst Learning Centre provides a space for students to approach the centre for consultation on days of no tuition.

Parents are also encouraged to contact the centre to find out more about their child’s progression for assurance.

6. LCentral 

Image credit: LCentral
  • Pre-school
  • Primary School Students 
Class Size Regular
Phone NA
Website https://lcentral.net/

LCentral focuses on the quality of every teacher in the team. After a stringent process of selecting the teachers, there will also be training and continuous development of their skills.

With the vast experiences of every teacher in LCentral, they can support each student with all aspects of the English Language.

7. Byron Tutorial Centre

Byron Tutorial Centre
Image credit: Byron Tutorial Centre
  • Secondary School Students
Class Size Regular
Phone +65 6337 5878
Website https://byrontutorial.com.sg/

Byron Tutorial Centre has been registered with the Ministry of Education (MOE) since 1994. 

Byron Tutorial Centre offers quality English tuition that allows every student to maximise their potential by making learning fun and understandable while preparing them for major exams such as GCE O and A levels.  

8. School of Language and Communication

School of Language and Communication
Image credit: School of Language and Communication
  • Primary School Students 
  • Secondary School Students
Class Size Regular
Phone +65 9058 2091
Website https://www.slcedu.sg/english-tuition-singapore

School of Language and Communication aims to encourage the usage of English and Mandarin.

With a team of skilled and knowledgeable teachers, each lesson is planned out carefully to ensure knowledge is being passed on to students effectively.

9. Edufront Learning Centre

Edufront Learning Centre
Image credit: Edufront Learning Centre
  • Primary School Students 
  • Secondary School Students
Class Size 1 to 10 students 
Phone +65 6583 2616
Website https://edufront.com/

Understanding each student is unique in learning, Edufront Learning Centre adopts research-based strategies in their teaching. Each student is accessed carefully to deliver a customised lesson to suit their capability in learning better.

The teachers will constantly review their students’ performance, and students will also be taught how to evaluate their performance. This process will aid students in knowing where their weaknesses are even when without the presence of the teachers.

Edufront Learning Centre also aims to uplift the students’ confidence in their studies.

10. Academic Workshop Singapore

Academic Workshop Singapore
Image credit: Academic Workshop Singapore
  • Primary School Students 
  • Secondary School Students
Class Size Regular
Phone +65 6733 5447 
Website https://www.theacademicworkshop.com/

Academic Workshop Singapore believes that grades aren’t the only aspects that define a student, rather creativity, inspiration and compassion are also vital to help students succeed in life. 

Rather than spoon-feeding their students, they choose to inspire and encourage students to take what they have learned and use it effectively in their daily lives.

11. True Learning Centre

True Learning Centre
Image credit: True Learning Centre
  • Primary School Students 
  • Secondary School Students
Class Size Maximum of 10 students
Phone +65 6708 9382
Website https://www.truelearning.com.sg/

True Learning Centre strives to provide an engaging and inspiring learning experience so that students will excel not only in school but in their daily lives as well.

Powered by a team of qualified tutors, they are passionate in maximising every students’ potential and becoming a confident learner. 

Conclusion about the 11 English Tuition Centre in Singapore

Students who are looking to grasp a better command of the English language are highly recommended to take up English tuition.

Attending English Tuition will not only help students achieve a better performance academically, but also broadens their capabilities when speaking to others outside of school.

Special Mention – DoApplied Learning’s Complimentary Diagnostic Consultation

DoAppliedLearning invites parents and students down to a free diagnostic session to identify areas of improvement.

Like a doctor, they’ll dig out the core underlying issues of why the student is not performing well and the topics they need to focus on.

This session is an excellent way to help the student learn effectively and eventually achieve the desired results faster. .

The majority of the parents loved the diagnostic session as it was a good eye-opener to have a deeper understanding of what  their child was silently facing.

DoAppliedLearning is undoubtedly one of the rare tuition centres that go beyond just paper grades and focus on their students’ holistic development.

Get in touch with one of the Best English Tuition Centre in Singapore today.

Frequently asked questions about English Tuition Centres in Singapore

1. What is the class size of an English tuition centre in Singapore?

Typically, the average class size of English tuition is about ten students because the teacher can focus more on each individual’s learning needs and provide more efficient assistance.

However, different tuition centres will differ. Hence it is always advisable to check with the respective centres before committing.

2. Are the fees for English tuition in Singapore expensive?

Tuition fees may start from $20 per hour onwards. The costs will vary depending on factors like the academic level and experience of the tutors.

3. Is it guaranteed that my child’s grade will improve after tuition?

A big NO! While the tutors play a part in imparting knowledge to the child, it will also require effort from the child to be proactive in learning.

4. What other areas should I know if I send my child for English tuition?

Parents should be involved and actively communicate with the respective tutors. As there are times, a child’s academics can be affected mainly due to negative emotions. 

Hence, staying informative on the child’s daily lifestyle could help in the next step of teaching the child.

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