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Why DoAppliedLearning is one of the best English Tuition Centers in Singapore

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How DoAppliedLearning stands out from the sea of tuition centers

Tuition centers are so popular in Singapore that they are just a mere stone throw away from each other. Literally, every MRT station has a handful of tuition centres focusing on various subjects and levels.

So with tens or even hundreds of English tuition centres, what makes DoAppliedLearning better than any other?

The Founder, Mr Daniel, is a responsible father of 2 lovely children.

But he doesn’t just want them to grow up scoring As in all their exams.

He knows grades are important, but ultimately mere grades won’t bring them far in life.

He knew that there was one thing he needed to get right as a parent.

Instilling the right values in his kids.

Core values that would serve them for life, and not just for a test.

Thus at DoAppliedLearning, they emphasize on Results Through Values.

What is Results Through Values?

DoAppliedLearning combines proven, powerful English study strategies with their Pentagon Values system, to arm all their students with the tools and thinking processes.

In other words, they don’t just focus on the next exam grade or that A.

They do all that, and equip their students with mental frameworks that will help them achieve continuous success after graduation.

These are the 5 values in their Pentagon Values System:

1) Humility – Students can only improve when they accept that they’re making mistakes.

2) Courage – Instead of pushing blame, top students face their shortcomings head on.

3) Diligence – Old fashioned hard work is then applied to overcome those shortcomings.

4) Discernment – This is done through equipping students with the right frameworks to help them analyse situations logically – such is what will distinguish them from the rest of the pack.

5) Attentiveness – Careless mistakes will also be minimised as students will be guided on how to pay precise attention to detail.

Why their Pentagon Values System is so effective

Exam difficulty has increased over the years, and it doesn’t seem to be stopping anytime soon.

By just purely teaching the updated syllabus and drilling it into our students, this is just being reactive.

DoAppliedLearning aims to be adaptive.

They created a learning model that allows their students to thrive regardless of how difficult the syllabus becomes.

Purely due to the fact that they place heavy emphasis on training the student’s mindsets and thinking processes — instead of pure memorization.

Their Pentagon Values System, combined with their proven English study systems, have created countless success stories of students acing their exams and careers.

Complimentary Diagnostic Consultation

DoAppliedLearning invites parents and students down to a free diagnostic session for them to identify areas of improvement in the student.

Just like a doctor, they’ll be able to dig out the core underlying issues of why the student is not performing well, and the topics they need to focus on.

This session is a good way to see if your child is a good fit for their environment.

The majority of the parents loved the diagnostic session as it was a good eye-opener to the hidden underlying issues their child was silently facing.

Conclusion about the best English Tuition in Singapore

DoAppliedLearning is undoubtedly one of the rare tuition centres who goes beyond just paper grades, and also focuses on the holistic development of their students.

Imagine going for tuition is like driving a sports car.

Tuition gives your child a good car engine, gas, and gear.

But what tuition usually don’t do — is to focus on training the person in the driver seat.

So with the fastest car and most expensive gear, but with a lacklustre driver, how good will this sports car really be?

DoAppliedLearning focuses on both the car and driver.
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