#1 Best Swimming Lessons in Singapore For Kids and Adults

#1 Best Swimming Lessons in Singapore For Kids and Adults

Swimming Lessons
Class Size Choice of group or individual
Trial Lesson Yes
Locations Islandwide at any pool in Singapore
Phone +65 9753 3968
Lesson timings Extremely flexible
Website https://www.justswim.com.sg/

How JustSwim stands out from the sea of swimming lessons in Singapore

JustSwim is one of the few swimming companies in Singapore that offers a free trial swimming class worth $60 for you to “test the waters” with their experienced coaches.

This means that you get to see if you’re a good fit with the instructor before paying a single cent.

And if you feel like you’re not a good fit? You can walk away after the trial lesson, obligation-free.

They pride themselves on their proprietary safety system to ensure that you or your child will learn swimming in a safe environment.

While stricting abiding COVID guidelines, they create a conducive and safe environment for you and your child.

Tailored to your unique needs

All their swimming instructors are trained to come up with a custom-tailored swimming plan to match your ability and learning speed.

Meaning, you’ll be picking up the skills as fast as possible, while still having a whale of fun without feeling stressed or pressured.

This way, you’ll be able to learn at your own speed while also having fun — all while being supervised and guided by our top swimming instructors.

We guarantee that, regardless of your prior swimming experience, you will be able to pick up swimming with the help of our committed and qualified coaches.

Flexible timings and venue

JustSwim instructors teach swimming lessons in group classes or one-on-one sessions at ActiveSG Swimming Complexes all over Singapore.

Since each ActiveSG Swimming Complex has its own set of operating hours and community coaching schedules, the timings might not be as flexible as they would be at a private pool.

Our instructors can accommodate any schedule, from early morning to late at night, as long as it is within the pool’s operating hours.

If you have access to a private pool, such as a condo pool, we will gladly send one of our swimming instructors down to fit your needs and schedule.

Our instructors can teach you to swim at any pool in Singapore at any time that is convenient for you.

What people say about JustSwim

My wife and I took swimming lessons with Darren and were extremely happy with the choice. Very patient, observes mistakes and coaches individually! highly recommended.

I was coached by Darren. Thank you for making all the swimming lessons so fun and engaging! I’ve never expect swimming lessons to be so fun! Keep up the good work.

patient, knowledgeable, and loves what he does. I am so glad I went with the coaching because thanks to him, I was able to fine tune my strokes and was able to learn to swim the right way. I will definitely recommend him to my friends!

Coach Darren is fun and great with kids! My son was initially very afraid of water but Darren managed to get him to submerge his head and blow bubbles within a month! So impressed with his techniques! Already Recommended him to my other friends!

I have been taking classes with Darren for the past year and it has been so fun and enriching! I was a complete beginner when I started, so was initially nervous and not super comfortable in the water, but Darren’s teaching style made it very well paced and enjoyable. I would really look forward to my classes. At first my friend and I took classes with him 2 times a week, and then we gradually reduced our frequency so we could have more time to practice in between. Darren would also send us videos on ways to improve so we could keep getting better and building better technique. I have already recommended him to several friends!

Coach Darren has ignited my daughter’s interest in swimming and established a strong rapport with her through his affable, patient and encouraging approach to impart the right swimming techniques to my child. With a customised and structured lesson base to cater to the individual’s needs, Coach Darren has enabled my daughter to acquire the basic techniques of swimming and gain water confidence in a very short period of time. I would strongly recommend Coach Darren to a parent looking for a motivating and committed coach.

Potential Swimming Lesson Locations in Singapore

JustSwim coaches are able to travel down to any pool in Singapore to your convenience. But if you’re unsure, we’ll show you some potential locations that you can choose from.

Potential Locations
Pasir Ris
Toa Payoh
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