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Sqribble Review

Sqribble Review – For Freelancers in Singapore And Asia

The purpose of this Sqribble Review

The main intention for this review is written to share knowledge on how we can make our work life simpler with technology.

I’ve seen tons of Sqribble reviews focusing on the western market and I’m curious whether this software is implementable in Asia or not.

This comprehensive review on the Sqribble eBook software will be based from a Singaporean and Asia perspective.

You can also refer to the ‘Table Of Content’ to navigate around easier. (It’s right below).

#1. About This Sqribble Review


Product Name: Sqribble 

Type: eBook Builder Software 

Creator: Adeel Chowdhry 

Current Users: 20000+ 

Price: SGD $100.30 (Regular Price $197) 

#2. Review on Sqribble's capabilities

Simply put… You can make use of the Sqribble software to create a professional looking eBook in under a minute. You just have to choose a template. Fill it with content. And you’re done!

E-books are essential for anyone doing business online. They have been around since the beginning of the internet and we’re talking about over 25 years.

From weight loss, personal development, DIY, finance, sports, business and more. You can even become an instant author for Amazon Kindle.

How is Sqribble beneficial to business owners?

With a professional eBook, it can help businesses build their email subscribers faster than ever, get more sales & make more profits online.

What is the use of an eBook?

E-books are known as lead magnets (guides, whitepapers, reports, checklist) and they are widely popular in the digital marketing industry.

It is the easiest way to lower the barrier of entry for customers to trust a brand. This will then allow the company to introduce their products or services to their customer while decreasing skepticism.

In fact, many aggressive and reputable businesses in the western countries like US, Australia, Canada are also adopting this approach.

The primarily role of the eBook is to establish trust and subsequently a long-term relationship with the customers.

How can the Sqribble eBook creator benefit freelancers / marketers?

The existence of the Sqribble eBook creator is to assist freelancers and marketers to generate reports, educational guide and company whitepapers easily.

There’s no longer the need to use complicated software programmes like AI, PDF, PS, CSS & FI just to create eBooks and other digital info-products.

With the Sqribble software, you can be an author, freelance blogger or an agency that creates digital info-products to sell as well.

I  came across this interesting site called Sqribble.io (not sponsored & not Sqribble’s official website). I suspect that it could be a freelancer located in London.

You can check them out to see how they utilize the Sqribble software and transform it into an actual business. Its concept is rather genius I would say.

#3. Sqribble is created to solve the issue that businesses are facing for a long time

E-Books are just one of the many digital info-products. They are tedious, extremely time consuming and costly to create.

Most companies hated the idea of creating an eBook because it would require lots and lots of Research, Planning, Writing of Content, Editing, Formatting and all that Designing before it’s ready to be published online.

Sqribble took 12 months to launch in order to ensure it's the highest of quality

The founder of Sqribble, Adeel Chowdhry, wanted to streamline the process and make it super simple for people to create beautiful and professional eBooks in the shortest possible time.

It took him 1 year to perfect the software before he gave the green light to launch the Sqribble eBook software.

Check out some sample eBooks (below) that you can make with the Sqribble eBook creator.

making freelance writer job easy

What’s so great about the Sqribble eBook software is that it’s compatible on all mobile devices.

This can save you so much time because you don’t have to re-create individual versions for each devices – laptop, tablet and mobile.

There’s also nothing to install and you don’t need in-depth technical skills to learn how to use the Sqribble software.

In Sqribble words, “In fact, it is so simple that even a child can do it!”

#4. Reviewing Sqribble in the Singapore and Asian markets

One of the most common question that’s being raised is,

“Does eBooks Marketing work in the Singapore and other Asian countries?”

As mentioned above, an eBook is used to establish credibility and authority for the business. 

When done right, it makes the business seem like the expert of their industry and also help to boost its brand image.

There’s a reason for billion-dollar giants like Apple spend multi-millions of dollars getting the look and feel of their designs and branding just right.

The eBook trend in Asia is weak

Despite the popularity of using eBooks as part of a powerful marketing strategy in most western businesses, I find that this trend has sort of hit Singapore but not drastically yet.

Understandably, the larger market that are using lead magnets in Singapore are mostly the service provides as they have no tangible products to promote.

You can find that most of the companies in the digital marketing, fitness and wedding industries uses eBooks to encourage visitors to exchange their contact details for a free report, checklist or guide.

The untouched markets in Sinagpore includes plumbing, painters, gardening, dental, etc. But ironically, these are the industries that profits the most in the western countries where eBooks are used as part of the lead generation strategy.

Whether you see this gap as a growing opportunity or a dead idea to promoting eBooks to businesses in Singapore, it’s definitely debatable.

One of the ways to get more clients is that you can scan through websites on Google.

First you focus on a niche and then type into the Google search bar in this format ‘download [niche] e-book singapore’. For example, type in ‘download wedding e-book singapore’.

Then, visit each website and go through every pages of Google to look for companies that already have an existing guides, reports, checklists or info graphics.

Next, actually download their resources and analyzed for any room for upgrades.

If you ever find any potential businesses, simply reach out to them through email.

You can use eye-catching subject title like “Customers thinks that your eBook looks outdated” or “Give your eBook a stunning new look to reignite your customer’s support”.

You can also reach out to websites that do not have any lead magnets and then share with them on how their competitors are using eBooks to win over customers.

Disclaimer: Please note that this strategy is purely a recommendation by other marketers. Results may vary.

#5. Step-by-step guide on how to use Sqribble

Step 1) Choose from 50 eBook templates across all kind of niches

use sqribble step 1
  • From business, marketing, food, home, health, finance, sports, spirituality, arts & education. They cover it all.

  • You can search your niche by keyword, or scroll down to the category drop down menu & select the template for your next project.

Step 2) Fill your template with content through the following methods

use sqribble step 2
  • Copy and paste the URL from your client’s website or any website. Sqribble will turn the webpage content into an eBook. The HTML coding will be taken out and only the content (including the images) from the website will be imported to the eBook.

[On a side note: I wouldn’t recommend and strongly urge you not to copy and paste work from other websites that are not your client’s. It is only ethical to credit the source of the content.]

  • Otherwise you can make use of Sqribble’s read-made articles. There are around 1,000 articles from different niches for you to play around. However, it will be good to discuss with your clients if they are comfortable in using the ready-made articles considering the fact that all the other Sqribble users also have access to them. It will be awkward if your client’s work is the exact duplicate of your client’s competitors.

  • Or you can simply rewrite from scratch and grab content from your own work file instead.

If you’re a freelancer, you can offer 2 packages for your client to choose.

The ‘Basic Plan’ includes a ready-made article while a ‘Premium Plan’ is where you generate fresh new content.

Or if the client asks for discount, you can agreed to a lower rate if they agree to use your ready-made articles instead of you having to write a brand new content. This is to justify the the time and effort for your work.

Step 3) Customise your eBook with your own color theme

  • You can add, delete or edit pages, headlines, images, paragraphs, text blocks, dividers, buttons and links features, bullet lists or call to action areas. Once you’re done, just hit the ‘Generate’ button & you’ve created your first eBook!

  • You can also publish online by clicking the ‘Publish’ button at the top of your dashboard to instantly publish your eBook online too.

And that's the 3 simple steps!

There’s a joke that was made, “Seasoned Sqribble users can even create an eBook faster than you boil 1 liter of water.”

The results that you can achieve with Sqrrible is going to be a clean and professional eBook that is ready to sell online or give away to build your email list faster than ever before.

#6. A detailed review on what to expect when you actually purchase Sqribble

Here are some pretty exciting and irresistible offers that Sqribble provides to its users.

Sqribble includes:

  • The ability to create unlimited eBooks
  • Massive 50 template library
  • 15 niche categories
  • 300 theme layouts
  • Automated content engine
  • Automated table of contents
  • Automated headers & footers
  • Automated page numbering
  • The ability to add unlimited pages
  • 1000+ stock images
  • Total editing control
  • 1 click formatting
  • Point & Click technology
  • The ability to add your own web design elements to bring your eBook to live and stand out from the crowd.

Sqribble’s cost and it’s promotions

The price and offers from Sqribble usually doesn’t last long as they want to keep things competitive for their existing users.

But they do run some promotions and you can find the promo code at the bottom of their page when you visit their webpage.

Sqribble promo

Sweet deals from Sqribble's Current Promotion:

  • 300+ Google fonts
  • Commercial license (worth $487) is entirely inclusive in the software and at no extra cost. 


Just like how you are not supposed to publish the exact same book as JK Rowling, author of the Harry Potter Books and then use her content like it belongs to yours.

That’s illegal.

The use of a Commercial License gives you unrestricted rights to use Sqribble’s template and their ready-made articles to sell eBooks to businesses.

This means you can charge your client anywhere between $150 to $600 for your fees and you don’t have to pay any royalty fees to Sqribble. 100% of your earning goes to you.

It’s quite obvious that Sqrrible is trying to offer as much value to their customers

  • Customers gets risk free test drive for 30 days trial.
  • Sqribble gave a bold statement whereby if the software doesn’t save you time, money, increase your e-Book sales or help you build your email list faster, they’ll give all your money back with no questions asked.

Do take note that their terms may change without notice. You are advised to read their terms (refer to Frequently Asked Questions at the bottom of the page) carefully before making your purchase.

Sqrrible is one of ClickBank’s product. You can also contact their customer service for help too.

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Everything about Sqribble is built for the user’s success

Sqribble offer their users a completely done for you agency website worth $997.

Normally, a professionally developed website would cost you at least SGD $1000.

With Sqribble, it’s completely complimentary. You just have to update the website with your name and email address.

Manage your clients like a pro

Sqribble has a feature where you can keep track of all your client’s details and even allow both parties to communicate directly on the platform for any changes.

This feature is really a life saver for any freelancer or marketers out there.

It helps to save time and prevent miscommunication via emails or whatsapp which often comes with confusing instructions.

#7. Review on Sqribble's Pros & Cons

Just like any software, Sqribble isn’t perfect

Pros of using Sqribble:

  • It can really create a professional looking eBook in minutes.
  • The layout of the eBooks can be easily customized.
  • You get a readily made website to advertise your own services.
  • The eBooks are readable on all devices.

Cons of using Sqribble:

  • There’s a few upsells for users to access all services.
  • The ready-made articles might not be useful as it might not cater to the markets in Singapore.
  • The training provided by Sqribble does not include how you can market your eBooks services. Rather, they only talk about the platforms that you can promote your services.

There will be 4 upgrades (upsells) totaling about SGD $564.20.

You might not need any of the upgrades at the start but you’ll likely need some at certain point while using Sqribble. Let’s break down each upgrade further.

Note that the cost of each Sqribble upgrade may changed without any notice.

It’ll allow you to unlock 150 more professional eBooks templates, better graphics and content.

If you’re a freelancer, you can consider upgrading only if you are gaining more clients and wish to stay ahead of the competition.

Sqribble will update new eBook templates occasionally but not frequently into its software.

With Sqribble Prime, you’ll get 15 premium “limited edition” templates automatically added to your dashboard every month for 1 year.

This upgrade has sort of a 2-in-1 feature.

It has a 3D cover creation tool and it creates interactive pages where it can make each pages ‘flip’ like a physical book.

Personally, I’m not so sure if this tool is necessary but again, if you want to stay competitive, you can consider upgrading.

Now, this upgrade could be just something that you can invest in as a freelancer at the start.

What this upgrade does is to find freelance jobs across the internet so that you can apply easily without having to waste time in scanning through all the freelance site.

#8. Review on Sqribble's credibility

In order to determine the credibility of the software, let’s narrow this review down to the founder of Sqribble, Adeel Chowdry.

Unlike some online scams, you can tell Adeel Chowdry is a real person. Go ahead and google his name. You will find a page full of him.

Otherwise, check out a short clip of him below.

Based on what I’ve found, he is an online marketer with his own empire in the affiliate marketing industry and written numerous eBooks himself.

Clearing Sqribble from the ‘scam’ radar

There are 4 main ways to spot a scam:
  • They won’t be in the market for very long. Because they will take all your money, run away & never to be heard from again.
  • Very little information is known about them.
  • They don’t live up to their promises.
  • There is no support team.

For your info, Sqribble is contactable. You can easily get support around the clock from their customer service team upon purchase of Sqribble.

I will only recommend you to sign up with Sqribble if:

  • You want to create a professional-looking eBook for yourself or your company.
  • You’re an author that plans to publish eBooks.
  • Bloggers who want to create digital info-products.
  • You are a side hustler looking to make extra money by providing freelance services.
  • You have great proofreading skills and determined to turn it into a full service for people to create eBooks.


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Final thoughts

Overall, I hope that this Sqribble review has provided you with all the information, considerations and reasons for you to purchase (or not) this product.

You can always find many different opinions in the internet with the bad reviews and the good reviews.

Either way, I feel that Sqrrible is not that of a bad product. It’s still a great tool for any beginner freelancers that are looking for ways to get a head-start in the market.

I mean just look at the attractive offers mentioned above and their money-back guarantees. There’re all cold hard facts.

I guess you’ll never find out if you never try it out yourself.

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