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Hi! We’re super excited that you’ve decided to learn more about us!

Have you ever notice, the decisions that we made everyday shapes our identity, environment, relationships and well-being.

curatorsuite is a lifestyle site designed to inspire anyone to live a more simple and happy life. Curating your life means making an effort to be aware of all the decisions that you make in life, finding a purpose to live and making choices that uphold your worth.

Here at curatorsuite, you can find practical, inspirational, and thoughtful content to help you declutter and rebuild the way you live. In essence, you will learn to nurture your mind and soul by being intentional and purposeful about what makes you who you are. Last but not least, be inspired and empowered to action. 

curatorsuite places strong emphasis on HOME (the environment that you live in), LIFE (finding joy in life through food and entertainment) and GUIDES (adapting to the digital world).

When you curate your life, it automatically leads to less clutter.

One of many first world problems – ‘Too many products, so little time, and we’ve no idea which to pick.’ 

Especially if you’re a online shopper, we’re trapped in a situation of endless scrolling through thousands of products and half a day is gone just like that.

It often made me extremely frustrated with myself for wasting so much time to buy an item and also feeling rather demoralised for not being able to make simple decisions.

For some indecisive shoppers, which I personally know, they may even take days to make a purchase. 

As a result, this shopping experience may lead to developing an emotion that is negative and unnecessary in your life

Life choices can be less complicated.

Imagine this – You’re moving to a new home and you need a ceiling fan. There’s so many ceiling fans out there in the market and you’ve no idea which to get. Simply just check out our article 18 Best Ceiling Fans in Singapore, pick one and call it a day. It’s really that simple.

What sorts of products do we feature?

curatorsuite is a Singapore-based blog. we handpick the best consumer products and tools including bestsellers on Qoo10 and other software-related websites.

As we cut through all the noise and filter only the best for you to pick, it’s like a shortcut to aid your purchase decision process.

Do note that we do not sell any products here.

All our reviews are honest, unbiased and it takes us at least 24 hours to do a proper research before determining the best ones and writing the review.

We do also reach out to businesses that we recommend with our uniquely ‘Seal Of Approval’ stamp like this: 

Super adorable isn’t it?

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A word of thanks

Finally, we want to thank you for taking the time to read and learn about us. We’re extremely committed to adding more useful content to this site for a long time to come. If you have a topic suggestion, or would like to connect with us, do drop us a message at contact@curatorsuite.com.

If you have the intention to buy, we hope that you can make your purchase directly from our referral links. Your support truly means a lot to us.

Helping you to curate products & services that are Seal Of Approval,

20 Responses

  1. That’s right, life shouldn’t be so rush and fast. It should be enjoyable.

  2. I know exactly how it can feel like when I spent 5 hours deciding on which brand of the ironing board I should buy… Even after making the purchase, I don’t feel good at all because half a day is gone and I’ve yet to do anything. It’s so frustrating and I continued to be unproductive for the rest of the day. Can you write more articles so that I can just pick and choose one then move on quickly?

    1. Hi Kenneth, thanks for sharing your thoughts and subscribing too! Yes, we’re extremely committed to adding more useful content to this site for a long time to come. Do stay tuned!

  3. Life in Singapore is extremely fast pace. Sometimes, all we need to do is to eliminate unnecessary life choices like what to wear, what to eat, what to buy and focus more on being a little less tense. Thanks for starting this initiative! Good job!

    1. Thanks for reading Harley! Do let me know if you have any topics in mind that you would like us to share.

  4. Me, I’m one of those indecisive shoppers. I like your idea of picking one of your recommendations and call it a day. Looking forward to more articles from curatorsuite.

  5. Impressive site. No doubt that there are so damn many life choices out there to drive people crazy.

  6. Can you write articles that cater to secondary students? Need a little bit of help in making life decisions.

  7. Can you cover topics about makeup products? Would love to read about dior, makeupforever, fresh, etc.

    Thank you 😀

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"Being organized isn't about getting rid of everything you own or trying to become a different person; it's about living the way you want to live, but better." - Andrew Mellen

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