13 Best Bed Frame in Singapore: Advertisements VS Reality

best bed frame in singapore

How the Best Bed Frames in Singapore look like at home

Ever wonder about why some fabulous hotels in pictures don’t seem quite as luxurious once you’re there? Or what about the bed frames that you bought seem like an outcasted furniture in your home? It’s no secret that advertising is the culprit behind all your perception and expectation on the products that you’re about to buy.

Take bed frames, for example. They have nice showrooms and celebrities to advertise for them. But what it really looks like at home is another story. 

Let’s take a look at some of the best bed frames in our fellow Singaporean’s homes.

When the Best Bed Frames in Singapore are placed in our homes and not the showrooms.

#1) Most afforable -Tenni Bed Frame

Tenni Bed Frame


The Tenni Bed Frame looks really well with the color of the floor and the cabinets. It combines style and simplicity to make it feel like a modern Japanese home. If you have a walnut color floor in your home, consider choosing this dark-colored bed frame. It has been endorsed by over 305 customers which have also purchased this bed frame.

#2) Most attractive - Deluxe PU Leather Bed Frame

AMOUR Furniture Official Store | S$200.00

This Deluxe PU leather Bed Frame comes with an attractive 4-stitched design on its headboard. This bed frame goes well with wood-like flooring as it has a sturdy rubber-wood bed frame feet to make the overall look more welcoming. A dark grey bed sheets will be ideal.

#3) Most simple - Divan Bed Base without Headboard

Univonna – Top Local Furniture Maker | S$250.00

Ignore the ‘fancy’ bed sheet, I must say that this Divan Bed Base without Headboard makes the bedroom seem less cluttered. One of the reasons why people would go for this type of bed base without a headboard is to save space in a tiny bedroom. If you’ve got a messy teenager at home, (or maybe you’re the messy one), this Divan Bed Base might actually help reduce the chaotic look in your bedroom.

#4) Most European Style - Solid Wood Bed Frame

Furniture Living | S$299.00

If the walls of this bedroom are painted in ⅔ of the top in white and ⅓ of the bottom in dark olive green, this Solid Wood Bed Frame will transform the bedroom into a European-theme resting space. I mean they have a black matte lamp, white dreamy curtain, a European-looking dark-colored desk and chair. All they need is a change in the wall colors and the obvious, bedsheets.

#5) Most suitable for large room - Sheffield Bed Frame

Sheffield Bed Frame

LCF Furniture Store | S$299.00

The gigantic checked white pattern on the headboard of the bed frame gives a little character to the bedroom. This dark-colored Sheffield Bed Frame is suitable to be placed in a spacious room with dark-colored flooring. The dark curtain also complements well with the Sheffield Bed Frame.

#6) Most Japanese Style - Storage Bed Frame without Headboard

HOME HAVEN | S$368.00

Yes, you can definitely achieve a Modern Japanese-theme bedroom in Singapore! I’m so pleased with what this Singaporean has done to his/her home. This dark-colored Storage Bed Frame without Headboard fits into this room perfectly with the wooden window bind and wooden flooring! This bed frame is perfect for the minimalists.

#7) Most suitable for high ceiling - Single Loft Bed Frame

Single Loft Bed Frame

Hotspot Furniture | S$399.00

This Single Loft Bed Frame is perfect if you have a window that stretches from the ceiling to the floor. The bed frame doesn’t block the view and frees out a ton of space. However, it might not be suitable for a room that has a lower ceiling as it may make the room look even smaller.

#8) Most Scandinavian Style - Amour Wooden Bed Frame (Slatted Bed Frame)

Amour Wooden Bed Frame

AMOUR Furniture Official Store | S$499.00

This white Amour Wooden Bed Frame looks like it’s built for anyone that is looking for a Scandinavian-style theme! If you have a window that stretches horizontally from the ceiling to the floor, this is for you! Throw on a grey, white or light color bed sheet and you’ll never want to leave your room.

#9) Most suitable for CEOs - Sleek Design Bed Frame

Beds Specialist | S$499.00

Although this Sleek Design Bed Frame looks really premium and it seem like a bed made for the CEOs, it does look a little awkward by itself in this spacious room. It doesn’t go well with a flooring that has a lighter tone color too. Perhaps some side tables and lamps can ease the mismatched look of the bed frame.

#10) Most suitable for busy homeowners - V Star Storage Bed Frame

V Star Storage Bed Frame

My President Mattress | S$799.00

Similar to the Chesterfield Bed Frame, this V Star Storage Bed Frame is also a product from MY President Luxurious bed frame series. It is ideal for busy homeowners that don’t have time for frequent cleaning. It’s made with PVC material, which can help to trap dust and thus, making it easy to maintain.

#11) Can easily blend into any rooms - Alice Storage Bed Frame

Alice Storage Bed Frame

Furniture Specialist | S$988.00

Looks like the Alice Storage Bed Frame can easily blend into any bedrooms with it’s non-complicated design. The black faux leather material also complements the entire bedroom setting including the black window grills and the mirror wardrobe.

#12) For Kings and Queens - Luxurious Storage Bed Frame

My President Mattress | S$1,299.00

This Chesterfield Bed Frame is a product from MY President Luxurious bed frame series. What stands out the most is the grey fabric headboard made with a thick cushion. Despite being placed in a small room, it still looks like a bed for the kings and queens.

#13) Recommended for kids - Detachable Bunk Bed Frame (Slatted Bed Frame)

Detachable Bunk Bed Frame

AMOUR Furniture Official Store | S$1,499.00

Oohh… this white detachable bunk bed frame looks so good with light blue walls. It feels like this bedroom is for 3 young sailors! Made of solid & high durable rubber-wood, this detachable bunk bed frame is safe, comfortable and kid-friendly.

FAQs About Bed Frames in Singapore

The bed frame that the mattress sits upon plays just an important role. Having a bed frame can help to maximize your sleep quality and prolong the durability of your mattress. You can look at the bed frame as the foundation for your mattress.

Yes, a bed frame will definitely make a difference to the look of your room and sleeping comfort. Unless you want your mattress on the floor like the Japanese, who have successfully avoided using them for hundreds of years. You may think that a bed frame is like an unnecessary expense but it’s best to keep your mattress on a bed frame as there are many reasons for it. 


1) Feng Shui

If you believe in Feng Shui (the ancient art of space harmonization), a bed frame can allow your chi (energy) to circulate when you sleep on a bed that is raised above the floor. If your bed is on the floor, your energy will stagnate and it will affect your sleep quality. As hot air rises and cold air sinks, you will be more vulnerable to the cold air. 


2) Your mattress might easily get infected with mold and insects

The futon (Japanese foldable mattress) is different from the western mattress and their home is made with tatami floors. It’s easy to air both the mattress and the tatami floor as the Japanese will usually keep the futon in the morning. Whereas a western mattress is too large and heavy to be moved around. Due to the lack of circulation, the space underneath the mattress will become an ideal environment for mold and insects.


3) Save space in your tiny room

The homes in Singapore are well-known to be small. You can save a lot of space with a storage bed frame.

A good bed frame can offer you a better sleep quality and help prevent noise disturbance like squeaking, creaking, sliding sound. As a rule of thumb, a good bed frame can last you about 8 years before it eventually becomes worn and loses its structural properties. A not so good bed frame will make your mattress become lumpy due to inconsistent support from the bed frame. Many of us will keep the same bed frame until it breaks but refreshing your bed frame is just as important as changing your mattress every 8 years for quality sleep.

To choose a bed frame you need to match your mattress and your ideal comfort preference with the different types of bed bases that are available in Singapore. The most common bed frames are the Divan Bed Base and the Slatted Bed Base.


1) Divan Bed Base

A divan bed base comes with a solid base and a spring base. If you need extra support for your mattress and looking for a firmer feel, you can choose a solid base. A spring bed base is to give your mattress a more bouncy feel.  


2) Slatted Bed Base

Slatted bed frames have been around in Singapore since the early 90s. You might have seen your grandparents metal bed frames where the bed base has gaps between them. In modern days, wooden slatted bed base is becoming a popular trend among Singaporeans as our love for the Scandinavian-theme home renovation continues to rise. The slatted bed base offers support for the mattress without altering the firmness and slowing the process of sagging.

In A Nutshell

Regardless how premium or high-end your bed frame is, it will still look different when it’s placed in your room due to the overall design. As you set out to touch up, renovate or refurbish your bedroom, your bed frame is the most important object in your room. You can either purchase your bed frame based on the color of your existing walls, floors and furniture or vice versa. 

Take a look at your existing bed frame now, do you like how it looks in your bedroom? Share with me in the comment section below.

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