15 Best Mattresses in Singapore – Affordable & Good

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The Best Mattress in Singapore Won’t Necessarily Burn A Hole In Your Wallet

These days, it is basically impossible for a situation like a shortage of cheap mattresses  to occur. You can find cheap mattresses in Singapore so ever easily online. With prices ranging from a couple of hundreds to a couple of thousand dollars, it’s poses a real challenge to identify which mattresses are good quality and which one is just a complete waste of your money?

In an ever-expanding sea of competitors, finding good mattresses in the online market could be a challenge. In this issue of curatorsuite, we managed to find the top 15 cheap and good mattresses in Singapore that make people really happy for investing in a good night sleep without burning a big hole in their wallet. 

As there are many variations to define a ‘good quality mattress, we’ve further categorized all the mattresses based on it’s reviews, features and material.

Starting from cheap and good mattresses from less than $500, we will also cover good quality mattresses that are less than $2000.

Most Affordable Mattress in Singapore

#1) 10 inch Euro Top Spring Mattress

15 Best Mattresses in Singapore - Affordable & Good

MegafurnitureSG | S$158.00

This Euro Top Spring Mattress is padded with an extra 2 inches just like an Abruzzo Mattress to give you an unmatchable sleeping posture and a good night sleep. It also comes with quality Bonnel springs to provide a firm support to your body and spine cord. Plus, it’s literally one of the cheapest good quality mattresses that you can get in Singapore at less than $200.

Most Innovative Mattress Solutions

#2) Honey Mattress - Ideal Zone Coconut Fibre Plush Spring Mattress

15 Best Mattresses in Singapore - Affordable & Good

MegafurnitureSG | S$199.00

This Honey Mattress – Ideal Zone Coconut Fibre Plush Spring Mattress comes with many innovative layers. Starting from the core, it has a layer of coconut fiber as the base and a 7 inch Bonnell spring. This layer is supported with a HLD Edge Protection. Followed up next is another layer of coconut fiber, topped with a PU Foam before wrapping the entire Honey Mattress with knitted fabric. With that, the Honey – Ideal Zone Coconut Fibre Plush Spring Mattress is one of the most innovative mattress solutions for consumers that are looking for a mattress that promotes good health and are friendly to the environment.

Most Cheap Latex Mattress in Singapore For Family

#3) Comforto® Latex Pocketed Spring Mattress

15 Best Mattresses in Singapore - Affordable & Good

MegafurnitureSG | S$239.00

Comforto® believes that the action of sleeping is a time for our body to repair damaged cells. Hence they placed a lot of emphasis on the material of this latex mattress. Made with high quality knitted fabric, it provides greater stretchability and breathability to the mattress. You don’t have to worry anymore when your playful kids bounce or roll all over your bed. This 10 inch latex pocketed spring mattress also has individual encased pocketed springs to reduce movement or in other words, chances of you waking up by your partner’s movement. If you are a parent that is feeling tired all the time and tight on budget, the Comforto® Latex Pocketed Spring Mattress may be suitable for you.

Most Cooling Mattress in Singapore

#4) ORTHO COIL - Posture Plush

15 Best Mattresses in Singapore - Affordable & Good


The Ortho Coil Posture Plush mattress is for anyone that sweat easily. It’s material is made with a combination of coconut fiber, high density foam, felt fabric and non-woven fabric to absorb moisture and regulate your body temperature. That material is only the first layer. On top of that, there’s another layer of material made with a layer of rebonded foam that is about 6cm thick to maximise the cooling sensation. Below these 2 layers of material, it is supported with a 2.4mm heat treated Bonnel spring coils. Now that’s truly the Most Cooling Mattress that can ward off the ‘sweat-monsters’ at your home.

Best Thin Mattress in Singapore With Great Comfort

#5) Fiona 4 inch Foam Thin Mattress

15 Best Mattresses in Singapore - Affordable & Good

mooZzz | S$349.00

If you are those ‘old-school-type’ of person where you prefers sleeping on the cold hard floor, this Fiona 4inch Foam Thin Mattress is for you. You won’t be sleeping too far away from the ground and at the same time, there’s a “thin” layer of mattress for cushioning. This Fiona thin mattress has a dual feel foam where it can foster weight distribution and heat dissipation while promoting spinal alignment. So, you do not have to worry anymore about backache or pain after sleeping on the ‘floor’.

Best Mattress Offer in Singapore

#6) Sleepy Night Mattress Hotel Limited Edition

15 Best Mattresses in Singapore - Affordable & Good

MegafurnitureSG | S$358.00

The above photo does no justice to the actual mattress. In reality, this mattress has a glossy pattern on the top because it’s made with premium Damask Fabric to evoke elegance. The Sleepy Night Hotel Spring Mattress is carried by Sommeil Terre and one of the most sought-after mattresses in the global market. They build comfortable and luxurious bedding products for consumers who are looking for hotel-standard mattresses but are price-conscious. For a hotel standard mattress, the Sleepy Night Mattress is definitely the best mattress offer in Singapore.

Best Firm Mattress in Singapore

#7) GOOD REST 10 Inch Queen Size Thick Individual Pocketed Spring Mattress

15 Best Mattresses in Singapore - Affordable & Good

Beds Specialist | S$439.00

What’s so good about the Good Rest Mattress is that it has Foam Box Edges to provide extra side support so as to prevent the mattress from premature sagging. The individual pocketed spring system is also designed for extra durability and stability of the mattress. Highly recommended if you are looking for the best firm mattress in Singapore that doesn’t sag easily and it’s affordable.

Best Orthopedic Mattress in Singapore

#8) Perfecta Unique Coil Mattress

15 Best Mattresses in Singapore - Affordable & Good

Univonna | S$540.00

The Perfecta Unique Coil Mattress from Perfecta Pte Ltd is a local brand that has been established in Singapore for over 20 years. Funny thing is that they do not even have a website and it seems like this orthopedic mattress is mainly sold by univonna. 

Anyways…. Made with flexible polyurethane foam, this mattress provides pressure relief to the spine and allows it to align to its natural state. If you are looking for a quality mattress that is comfortable and at the same time does not compromise on orthopedic support, you can consider the Perfecta Unique Coil Mattress – The Best Orthopedic Mattress in Singapore.

Best Breakfast-in-Bed Mattress

#9) Euro Coil Spinal Care Mattress 9 Inch with Teflon fabric (Water Repellent Technology)

15 Best Mattresses in Singapore - Affordable & Good

Univonna | S$618.00

Breakfast in bed can now become a reality for messy people. This unique Euro Coil Spinal Care Mattress is a must-have if your dream is to enjoy a light meal on your bed. What’s so special about this mattress is that it is made with Telfon fabric. With water repellent technology, the role of the teflon fabric is to protect the mattress against oil stains, water-based stains, dust and dry soil. Start planning for your upcoming breakfast in bed meals after making this purchase!

Best Mattress For Full Body Relaxation

#10) Honey Mattress - Honey Advanced Active 10 Inch 5 Zone Pocketed Spring Mattress

15 Best Mattresses in Singapore - Affordable & Good

MegafurnitureSG | S$699.00

The Honey Mattress – Honey Advanced Active Spring Mattress has 5 different zones of pocket spring system that targets on the head, shoulders, lumbar/hips, knees and legs. This means that the entire mattress comes with 6-turn coils pocket springs with a diameter at 2.2mm, 1.8mm, 2.2mm, 1.8mm and 2.2mm. The function of this mattress is to fully reduce the pressure points from your head to legs when you lie down. You will definitely wake up feeling refreshed and energetic with the Honey Mattress.

Best Bamboo Mattress in Singapore

#11) 5 Zone Individually Pocketed Spring Mattress

15 Best Mattresses in Singapore - Affordable & Good

Univonna | S$889.00

The Unique Pocket Perfecta 5 Zone individually pocketed spring mattress is the most affordable for a good quality bamboo mattress in Singapore. The creator of this bamboo mattress puts all the best qualities of a mattress together into one. Some of its unique features includes a HD foam layer for spine support, individually pocket springs to minimize movement and the best part, cooling bamboo fabric that is lightweight and provides a soothing sleeping sensation. This bamboo mattress is basically what you need for a non-disturbed night sleep.

Most Relaxing Mattress For Working Adults

#12) Sleep Zone - Dream Plus Pocketed Spring Mattress

15 Best Mattresses in Singapore - Affordable & Good

Green Trading Sg | S$999.00

This Sleep Zone Dream Plus Mattress is for anyone looking for a deep sleep experience every night. With 2.0mm pocketed spring, this luxurious mattress is extra firm and helps give proper support for body contours. Not only does it provide great comfort and support, it also provides an excellent level of correct back support to move naturally while sleeping. Highly recommended for working adults who need to wake up feeling refreshed and energetic everyday.

Best Hybrid Mattress in Singapore

#13) Euro Pocket Posture Care Plus Mattress with Teflon fabric (Water Repellent Technology)

15 Best Mattresses in Singapore - Affordable & Good

Univonna | S$1,199.00

Now you may be thinking that isn’t this mattress the exact same one as we’ve introduced in point 9 above? Yes, same same but with some differences too. Just like the #9 Euro Coil Spinal Care Mattress, the #13 Euro Pocket Posture Care Plus Mattress is manufactured by the same company and is made of Teflon Fabric which has water repellent technology. 

What’s so different between the 2 mattresses is that this Euro Pocket Posture Care Plus Mattress is made with 5 Zone Individual Pocket Spring just like #11 5 Zone Individually Pocketed Spring Mattress. In addition, the spring coil has been treated by heat before installation so that the mattress is extra durable and lasting. You need not to worry that the spring wire within the mattress will be broken or protruding. 

Enjoy full relaxation with this strong, easy-to-clean, low maintenance and durable hybrid mattress.

The Best Of The Best Premium Mattress That Is Affordable

#15) Majestic Perfecta Premium All-Natural Latex Mattress

15 Best Mattresses in Singapore - Affordable & Good

Univonna | S$1,899.00

Some of the most premium mattresses in Singapore are sold from $3000 as the lowest price points. If you are looking for the best mattress that is good in quality and will not burn too big of a hole in your wallet, this Majestic Perfecta Premium All-Natural Latex Mattress is for you. Unlike other mattresses where it comes in a box, this mattress is not compressed and you will be receiving a fully built up mattress. Its premium knitted fabric is soft on the skin and hypo-allergenic. 

Beneath the fabric, the all natural latex comes with many great benefits. Because it is antimicrobial and antifungal, this all-natural latex mattress is great for people with allergies and even better for anyone that is a strong believer of health, wellness and has great environmental awareness.

The coconut fiber is another all natural fiber which makes this mattress super environmental friendly as no chemicals are used in its manufacture. You can be sure that this all natural latex mattress will be your most loved furniture at home.

FAQs about cheap and good mattresses in Singapore

The number 1 mattress myth is the misconception that cost equates to comfort. It is obvious that traditional mattress manufacturers and retailers have worked so hard over the years to promote the idea that it is worth every single bit of your money to buy an expensive mattress. When you’re buying an expensive mattress, you’re really just buying the brand. It’s just like asking “Is it worth it to buy a Dior bag?”.

You just need to remember the 2 most important steps when choosing the right mattress.

Step 1. Find a mattress that boasts “great support” as one of it’s features.

Step 2. You might have heard it a thousand times or ten thousand times, it is best to lie on the mattress to test it yourself. Try to lie down for at least five minutes while testing the three positions of lying down on your back, right-side lying and left-side lying.

Generally, the coconut fibre mattress is good for the elderly and younger childrens. In terms of materials, a coconut fibre mattress is made of natural material and not harmful to humans. From the perspective of use, some people may find that it’s rather stressful to sleep on a coconut fibre mattress as it is too firm or hard to sleep on it. Hence, old people and children are more suitable for such a mattress.

There are 6 reasons you should buy a new mattress:

  1. When you experience back pain upon waking up.
  2. Even after sleeping sufficiently, you still feel lethargic. 
  3. Having difficulty falling asleep.
  4. Waking up easily during bed time.
  5. You find that you sleep better in the hotel than your existing bed.
  6. Your partner can’t sleep well in your current mattress.

You will know that your mattress has become bad when you see these red flags.

  1. You can feel the protruding springs.
  2. Stains on your mattress can no longer be removed and it starts to spread.
  3. You start to develop rashes and red spots on your body.
  4. You can’t remove the smell on the mattress.
  5. Your mattress is sagging.
  6. There’s squeaky noise from the mattress when you toss and turn.

In A Nutshell

If you have budget constraint and comfort is the most important factor in your mattress search, then Qoo10 is a treasure trove you should look into. With huge discounts being offered, get ready to upgrade your bed, rest and recharge in your brand new mattress.

So which of the above cheap and good quality mattress do you current own or you hope to get? Share with me your thoughts in the comment section below.

Catheryn Wong
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