#1 Best Tingkat Delivery in Singapore for the Elderly

#1 Best Tingkat Delivery in Singapore for the Elderly

Why You Need To Get an Elderly-Specialized Tingkat Delivery

If you have parents or older family members who can’t cook, yet want to have hot, convenient, and healthy meals everyday, then an elderly-specialized tingkat delivery is essential.

Why? Purely because regular tingkat deliveries put huge focus on volume, and neglect the healthiness of the ingredients they use.

Most tingkat deliveries tend to prepare fast-food style dishes like sausages and chicken nuggets as one of their dish. Moreover, you’ll be shocked at the amount of MSG, salt, sugar, and oil their chefs dump into the dishes.

This is why an elderly-specialized tingkat delivery caterer like Happy MamaPapa Catering, who prepares all dishes with less salt, oil, and no added MSG, is essential. Catering companies like Happy MamaPapa Catering was started to ensure all elderlies get to enjoy nutritious and healthy meals.

Their food is prepared with a smoother texture to make it easier to digest for the elderly, as well as precise meal preparation to ensure the ingredients used are appropriate for an elderly diet.

Happy MamaPapa Catering assume responsibility for your parents’ dietary needs. You will save time and money by ensuring that your parents receive the best possible care, since they only deserve the best.

The importance of having soup with your meals

Soups will help you avoid getting a cold or the flu, and they’re also a perfect antidote for when you’re sick! The majority of soups are high in disease-fighting nutrients. In reality, studies show that chicken soup, particularly when loaded with fresh garlic, onions, celery, and carrots, can help prevent the common cold. (They’re all high in immune-boosting chemicals.)

Tingkat delivery caterers like Happy MamaPapa Catering understand that, and prepares highly nutritious and delicious soups as part of their menu. They are well known for all their soups being double boiled and highly nutritious.
But what is double boiled soup?

Boiling is done in two ways: first, the stock is brought to a rolling boil over high heat, then the flame is lowered and the stock is simmered for three hours.

Double boiling, is a much slower and gentler type of cooking that involves submerging a ceramic pot in a larger pot of boiling water, similar to the double-layered metal pots known as bain marie in France.

This method is said to extract the most flavor with the least amount of compromise to the flavor or texture of the ingredients used. As a result, it’s the preferred tool for eliciting the delicate flavors of nourishing tonics.

How to never get bored of tingkat food

Let’s face it. Food caterers will eventually start to recycle their menu after a while — meaning it’s likely that you’ll get sick of the tingkat food within a couple of months or even weeks. So what’s the solution?

A caterer that serves unique, mouth-watering dishes every single day!

Happy MamaPapa catering has an extensive pre-planned catering menu available on their website. They serve unique dishes that changes every single day — so you can be sure that you will never get sick of their food.

Furthermore, Happy MamaPapa Catering has 7 different specialty rice to provide an appetizing staple for your meals. Specialty rice is high in nutrients, so you can serve a full meal to your loved ones without worrying about a nutritious and substantial spread.

This is the list of their specialty rice:

  1. Olive
  2. Yam
  3. Garlic
  4. Long Beans
  5. Pumpkin
  6. Lemongrass
  7. Cabbage

Conclusion for the best tingkat delivery in Singapore

If you’re looking for a reputable tingkat company who specializes in preparing healthy & nutritious meals for you and your family, Happy MamaPapa Catering is the best choice.

With their wide variety of “atas” dishes at an extremely affordable prices, coupled with the fact that their dishes are all less oil, less salt, and no added MSG, it is not surprising that they are one of the go-to caterers in Singapore.

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Catheryn Wong
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