21 Best Water Heaters in Singapore: Choosing The Right Ones

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Instant water heater or storage water heater, which water heater is better?

Did you know? Almost all households in Singapore use water heaters? This makes the use of hot water one of the major monthly expenses in our homes!

Therefore, as long as you know how to use the water heater correctly, you can reduce your utility bills and even extend the life-span of your water heater. 

In terms of brands, most people use Ariston, Champs, Cornell, Joven, 707 or Panasonic. In fact, water heaters that have ‘no brands’ are also very common on the market. You can expect prices to range between SGD$100 to SGD$500.

Here’s an in-depth review on instant water heaters and storage water heaters in Singapore.

Best Storage Water Heaters in Singapore

Storage water heaters are a common type of water heater in Singapore. These large bulky water heaters are installed on the corner ceiling of the bathroom and they can store 25L, 35L or 50L of hot water.

#1) A. O. Smith Mini Digital Water Heater (Gen 8)

gen 8 mini-heater-with-remote

AOS Bath | From S$840

The Mini Digital Water Heater (Gen 8) has a fast hot water recovery rate and ensures you’ll get hot water instantly thanks to a sensor at the hot water outlet. Its small size makes it suitable for residential homes with space constraints. 

Features include:

  • Instant water heating
  • 5-10% energy saving
  • Control panel that shows the real-time quantity of hot water in the tank 
  • Intelligence Maintenance Monitor (IMM) which actively measures the level of corrosive ions in the tank

#2) A. O. Smith Gen 6 Digital Water Heater

Gen 6 digital water heater

AOS BathFrom S$580

A. O. Smith Gen 6 Digital Water Heater is a digital water heater equipped with heating technology to perform like an instant heater. With a touch of a button, it is able to heat up a cold tank in 2 minutes. This digital water heater is able to cater to up to 4 back-to-back showers.

Features include:

  • 5-10% energy saving
  • Can be programmed to heat for a single shower or up to 4 back-to-back showers
  • Built-in timer

#3) A. O. Smith Gen 1 Electric Water Heater

Gen 1 electric water heater

AOS Bath From S$395

A. O. Smith Gen 1 Electric Water Heater has a tough and durable tank made of secret tank formula by A. O. Smith.  This heater comes in a variety of sizes ranging from 30-litre to 100-litre, and you can choose the tank size depending on your water consumption. The most popular size is the 40-litre heater. 

Features include:

  • Comes in various tank sizes to fit your needs and water consumption
  • Blue Diamonds Element coating reduces corrosion of heating elements
  • Temperature control knob

#4) A. O. Smith Integrated Heat Pump Water Heater

Integrated New-Central-Heat-Pump-Water-Heater

AOS Bath From S$4400

The A. O. Smith Integrated Heat Pump Water Heater absorbs ambient warm air to heat water. This method of heating water is able to save you over 75% of electricity consumption. This water heater is able to provide centralised heating for 3-5 bathrooms, perfect for landed property. 

Features include:

  • Instant heating
  • 70-80% energy saving
  • Weatherproof systems allow it to be installed outdoors
  • Temperature controls
  • Built-in timer
  • Automatic Time (AES) feature can record usage patterns and heat water in the most energy-efficient method

#5) A. O. Smith Light Commercial Heat Pump Heater


Using heat pump technology, the Light Commercial Heat Pump Heater can cater to 5-7 bathrooms while being energy-efficient. It is an integrated system, which means it does not need separate compressors and like all A. O. Smith water heaters, this water heater has tough and durable tanks specially designed with A. O. Smith’s patented Blue Diamond formula. 

Features include:

  • 70-80% Energy Saving
  • Built-in timer
  • High-density insulation
  • Weatherproof, can be installed outdoors

#6) Kensington Horizontal Storage Water Heater

Kensington Horizontal Storage Water Heater

Home101 | S$248.00

Built with a large, robust and durable storage heating unit, the Kensington Horizontal Storage Water Heater is suitable for a large family. It comes with 2 different capacities: 25L & 35L. Regardless you have little kids or seniors at home, it aims to fits everyone’s showering needs.

Features include:

  • The inner tank is coated with a Blue Diamond Enamel for extra durability,
  • Equipped with heat insulating high-density PUF and Whirlflow 2 Technology to maximise energy saving, and 
  • The IPX1 splash proofing standards and thermal cut-off feature act as an extra safety precaution

#7) Ariston SLIM Series Storage Water Heater

Ariston SLIM Series Storage Water Heater

Sense N Bedeck | S$264.00

The Ariston SLIM Series storage water heater is a big hit in Singapore because it is specially built to fit the bathrooms in new condominiums and HDB flats. No need to hide unsightly storage water heaters, the Ariston SLIM series will make your bathroom look less messy.

Features include:

  • Built with durable copper heating element,
  • A blue led indicator to let you know that hot water is ready for your shower,
  • Its AG+ technology contains antibacterial properties to provide you a cleaner and hygienic water,
  • Titanshield enameling provides an extra protection, and
  • Accurate temperature indication to maintain water temperature as much as possible.

#8) Ariston Andris2 RS 15L / 30L Storage Water Heater

Home101 | S$399.00

The Ariston Andris2 RS is a high performance and easy to use storage water heater. It’s sleek and minimalist design is the epitome of luxury and functionality. Unlike any other conventional water heater, the Ariston Andris2 RS has AG+ Silver Ions antibacterial properties and scalding prevention features.

Features include:

  • The blue led indicator will light up when there’s sufficient hot water for shower,
  • Equipped with a device that contains AG+ silver ions that has antibacterial properties,
  • Made with durable copper instead of standard stainless steel heating element, and
  • Able to inform you when temperature is set above the limit of scalding.

#9) Ariston Andris2 Lux 15L/ Lux 30L Storage Water Heater

Ariston Andris2 Lux 15L30L

Sense N Bedeck | S$299.00

The Ariston Andris2 Lux is a energy efficient storage water heater. Many people likes it’s clean and modern Italian design. Built with latest Titanshield technology and the patented titanium heating elementcoming, the Andris2 Lux works really well in any households.

Features is mostly similar to the Ariston Andris2 RS 15L / 30L.

#10) Joven Storage Water Heater 35L Horizontal

Joven Storage Water Heater 35L Horizontal

Sense N Bedeck | S$299.00

The Joven storage water heater is a pretty solid water heater. Its Heat Elevator Technology can saves up to 20% energy and it is build with a Triple Safety System (Pressure Relief and Drain Valve, Thermostat Safety Cut-Out and Thermal Cut-Off).

Features include:

  • Built with premium quality Nippon grade stainless heater tank to provide you constantly clean water flow,
  • Has a CFC free high density polyurethane foam to keep water hot for a longer period, and
  • The Patented Mounting Ring Bracket allows greater flexibility when installing the heater in a horizontal position.

#11) Champs Storage Water Heater A15 Pro / A30 Pro

Champs Storage Water Heater

Home101 | S$288.00

The Champ A15 Pro and A30 Pro is a product under the brand – 707 My Family Heater. The 707 My Family Heater started out as a sanitary ware since 1950s in Singapore. The Champ A15 Pro and A30 Pro is made by British suppliers and distributors.

Features include:

  • The tank is coated with Sapphire enamel to promote higher corrosion resistance and longer lifespan,
  • The high-density polyurethane foam insulation minimizes heat loss and thus saving energy even after electricity is switched off,
  • Made with durable and long-lasting stainless steel element, and
  • Contains a precise temperature button.

FAQs About The Storage Water Heaters in Singapore

How storage water heaters work is that it allows you to heat up the water in the tank first and it will store the hot water until you want to take a shower. This reduces the risk of electricity leakage and makes a storage water heater safe to use in Singapore. Unlike the instant water heaters, you get to enjoy a consistent flow of water with the same temperature while bathing. If you want it hot, the water flow will not suddenly turn cold. What I personally like about the storage water heater is that you only need 1 of this appliance to supply water to places like the bathroom, wash basin and even washing machine.

According to local market price to install water heaters in Singapore, it ranges between SGD 50 and SGD 200. Rather than hiring an external plumber to install your water heater for you, I would recommend checking with the brand that you bought from on whether they provide any in-house installation services. Some models may require you to bury the hot water pipes in the wall may be an additional SGD 200 to $300 cost to the overall installation fees.

Whether or not instant water heater consumes more electricity than the storage water heater is debatable as it fully depends on the frequency of usage. Generally, instant water heaters tend to cost less as they only consume electrical energy when in use. Unlike the storage water heater, a fix electricity is used to heat up the whole barrel of water.

Just imagine if you own a 25L storage water heater, it is impossible for one person to use that much amount of water for bathing. Unless there are several users bathing one after another continuously. As a result, the unused hot water in the storage tank will incur higher water and electricity bills. To put it simply, before you take a shower, you must first preheat the water in the heater. If you somehow exceed the amount of hot water, you will be forced to bathe in cold water.

On the other hand, a large family using the instant water heater will definitely use much more electricity because the frequency for bathing will be high. 

Best Instant Water Heaters in Singapore

Instant water heaters are sometimes known as electric water heaters or tankless water heaters in Singapore.

#1) ARISTON SMC-33 AURES Smart Instant Water Heater

Audio House | S$179.00

The ARISTON SMC-33 AURES Smart Instant Water Heater bears the hallmarks of Italian design: Stunning, Slim & Safe to use. This smart instant water heater has salient features like an anti-scaling system and temperature control.

Features include: 

  • Maintain constant temperature,
  • Built with extra safety protection system, and
  • 16.4% Energy saving certified by PSB.

#2) Panasonic R Series DH-3RL1 Instant Water Heater

DS Store | S$166.00

The Panasonic R Series DH-3RL1 Instant Water Heater is one of the Panasonic’s range of Non-Jet Pump Standard Home Shower. It is both user-friendly and safe for your entire family to use. The Panasonic R Series DH-3RL1 model is built with basic functions (such as temperature controls, on/off buttons) as well as convenient shower buttons for hassle-free everyday use. 

Features include: 

  • Able to self-extinguish if caught fire,
  • Prevent electric shock,
  • Prevent water splashes into unit, and
  • Prevent over heating.

#3) Rubine Instant Water Heater RWH-1388 B/W

Rubine Instant Water Heater RWH-1388 BW

The Best Deals SG | S$169.00

The Rubine Instant Water Heater RWH-1388 B/W is a product made in Malaysia. It’s sleek Italian design comes with a thoughtful shower caddy which is super easy to install. 

Features include: 

  • Adjustable shower bracket,
  • Water-saving 3 function hand shower,
  • UL-Approved high quality heating element technology from UK,
  • Splash proof protection (IP25 Protection),
  • Built-in auto water flow sensor, and
  • Flow & filter valve.

#4) Trentios IntelliHeat Smart Instant Water Heater

Trentios IntelliHeat Smart Instant Water Heater

Trends Home | S$268.00

Introducing the World’s Smartest Water Heater from Trentios IntelliHeat. This Smart Instant Water Heater can allow users to track water and electricity usage while showering. You can now constantly keep your water and electricity consumption in check while saving some money on the bills.

Features include: 

  • Track & manage your water usage,
  • Maximize water & electricity efficiency,
  • Instant heating,
  • Longer lifespan, and
  • High safety standards.

#5) EuropAce Instant Water Heater - EWH 11C

EuropAce Instant Water Heater - EWH 11C

EuropAce | S$199.00

Made in Malaysia, the EuropAce Instant Water Heater – EWH 11C is also one of the popular brands in Singapore. EuropAce currently promises a 5 Years Warranty for its Heating Element and the reviews are generally decent.

Features include: 

  • Copper heating element for extra durability,
  • 5 Spray patterns,
  • Anti-scalding design, and
  • Splash proof protection.

#6) Aerogaz Instant Water Heater (S.895)

Aerogaz Instant Water Heater (S.895)

Aerogaz | S$219.00

The Aerogaz Instant Water Heater(S.895) prides for their showing options which includes Misty Spray, Maxi Spray, Shower Spray, Misty Splash Spray and Jet Spray. This S895 Slim Series instant water heater will truly bring out an enjoyable bathing experience.

Features include: 

  • Splash proof & anti-scald protection,
  • Hotel-style spray functions, 
  • Water flow-switch, and
  • Ultra Slim 6.7cm design.

#7) Cornell EC8230 Instant Water Heater

Cornell EC8230 Instant Water Heater

Sense N Bedeck | S$139.00

The Cornell EC8230 Instant Water Heater is built with a Triple Safety Protection Technology. There’s a built-in auto water flow-sensor device switch and an ungraded anti-scalding thermal safety design. If you care nothing on the design and safety is your priority,  the Cornell EC8230 Instant Water Heater may be your best choice.

Features include: 

  • Upgraded UL-Approved Heating Technology, and
  • Energy saving water heater tank.

#8) 707 Electric Instant Water Heater (Compact)

Home101 | S$249.00

The 707 Electric Instant Water Heater Compact is one of the well-known household showers brands in Singapore because they have been around since the 1950s. Maybe your Ah Ma (grandmother) may have heard of this brand. This instant water heater is dependable, consistent and not complicated to use.

Features include: 

  • Copper class tank prolongs reliability, longevity and performance,
  • Tested for compliance with Singapore Safety standards,
  • Pressure relief device act as a protection and safety,
  • Temperature flow control regulates water flow,
  • Anti-scald protection automatically detects and correct temperatures, and
  • Splash proof casing.

#9) Champs City Electric Shower Water Heater

Estore Singapore | S$99.90

The Champs City Electric Shower Water Heater is like a massage shower set. This Electric Water Heater is equipped with a premium 5-way multi-massage shower function to provide you a complete and refreshing shower experience.

Features include: 

  • IPX5 Splash proof system set in place to protect the internal circuits from water,
  • Energy and water saving,
  • Anti-Scald safety design,
  • Overheat indicator to alert when it hits a heating limit, and
  • Massage shower set.

#10) 707 Electric Instant Water Heater

Estore Singapore | S$359.00

The 707 Princeton Instant Water Heater boasts its elegant exterior that reflects sheer luxury. With its unique Oracle-Slim rain shower head and multiple high-end features, this 707 Princeton instant water heater offers endless pleasures in the shower.

Features include:

  • Tanks are constructed with superior copper,
  • All water heaters have undergo rigorous testing to meet multiple safety standards in Singapore,
  • The built-up pressure in the water tank is automatically released for added protection and safety,
  • Multi-level anti-scald protection,
  • Warning indicator will alert when temperature reaches unsafe level, and
  • Non-slip rubberized control are insulated and reliable.

FAQs About The Instant Water Heaters in Singapore

In general, all instant water heaters are safe to use in Singapore as long as you follow the safety guidelines during installations. As more and more Singaporeans are using instant water heaters, there has been constant improvements and reviews to the installation process and the tanks over the past few years. If you have concerns about safety when using an instant water heater, it is best to buy a well-known branded electric water heater and avoid those unknown brands.

Instant water heaters are good with many reasons for anyone to use them. This includes:

1) Most condominiums and resale flats already come with a water heater installed in the bathroom so people are generally satisfied with using the instant water heaters in Singapore.

2) Instant water heaters are easy to install and not bulky at all.

3) You only have to pay for the amount of electricity and water you used.

There are various factors to determine whether or not that an instant water heater is worth it. For example, it is based on your preference, the age of your family members, and the number of users. While there are many reasons to justify why instant hot water heaters are worth it, there are several disadvantages as well:

1) Some may feel that it ruins the overall appearance of the bathroom and makes it look like a cheap hotel.

2) The water pressure from the instant water heater may be inconsistent from time to time. You may experience a sudden rise in temperature from the flowing water and thus, making bathing less enjoyable especially for family with babies and old folks.

3) For your own safety, you must ensure that your power socket is 25A to fit the rated power of 3.8kW and not 13A or 15A.

Tips to check on your Instant Water Heater Checklist:

how to maintain your instant water heater

It is important that you set a reminder to test the RCCB every three months when using electric heaters. It’s actually very easy to test, you just need to press the T key. If your home is completely powered off, this indicates that the leakage protection is functioning normally. If not, call an electrician immediately for repair.

In A Nutshell

In the end, the good aspects of instant water heaters in Singapore may be simple to install and cheap, but users may need to use with more caution and conduct regular checks. While the storage water heaters in Singapore may seem better and safer, the prices and installation fees are also much higher.

The best water heaters in Singapore can be partly influenced by the reputation of the common big brands. However, a good water heater that matches your lifestyle should be based on the number of people in the household and the frequency of showering.

What are your views on this, let me know in the comment section below.

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