4 Most Popular Board Games in Singapore To Beat Boredom

4 Most Popular Board Games in Singapore To Beat Boredom

Board Games in Singapore to beat 'Board-dom'

Bond with your friends and family over a intense board game session or put your friendship to the test by playing the Codenames (..trust no one). With these board games, you can easily spend hours unknowingly and may not want to to leave. 

Life is always about having a little fun and laughter with your loved ones. So, throw the phone and devices aside with these awesome tabletop board games over the weekend.

#1 Singapore Board Games – Organ Attack!

Singapore Card Games: 17 Hottest Card Games that Singaporeans Are Playing

Ming An Collection | S$24.90

Suitable Age Group: 8+

The Organ Attack! gets creativity points for its packaging – a weighty medical textbook (You’ll get it if you’re from the medical school). The cartoony cards illustrate a happy-go-lucky heart, anxious brain and other organs with their own personality.

The gameplay itself requires a lot of convincing among the players to make the first move by attacking another player. Hence, making it chaotically fun when there are more players.

All players are to place 4 cards face up and draw 5 cards on hand. One player has to make the first move by using his/ her cards on hand to either target (with afflictions and disease) or protect (with vaccines and immunity boosts) another player’s organ cards.

This card game is not recommended for people who are or have been in serious medical conditions. Unless you are very sure that all players are open to losing and will not sour over it.

#2 Singapore Board Games – Codenames

Singapore Card Games: 17 Hottest Card Games that Singaporeans Are Playing

Toy Station | S$39.90

Suitable Age Group: 8+

Despite its terrible name and packaging Codenames is perched happily atop BoardGameGeek’s “Hotness” sidebar.

This social word game is full of tension and requires mental gymnastics (the same feeling when you’re taking your GCE ‘O’ level examinations).

Players can either play a cooperative variant (if you prefer a lively discussion) or duet battle variant (if you prefer a standalone mission). The duet battle option is great but why not double up the fun when you accomplish the game as a team.

Codenames require the full attention of all the players and work best for “Introverted” parties.

There should be 2 players to be the rival spymasters and they know the secret identities of 25 agents but only by their CODENAMES. 

If you are playing the Cooperative option

All players have to see who can make contact with all of their agents first by giving out one-word clues that point to multiple words. Each team has to guess the words while avoiding those that belong to the opposing team.

If you are playing the Duet Battle option

All single players have to guess 15 specific cards in the grid of 25. Each player will be shown 9 cards that must be guessed while avoiding choosing the assassin cards. The rest are “innocent bystanders”.

Just have fun figuring out the codes and not get too serious. You wouldn’t want to get stuck in the “analysis paralysis” (in other words, overthinking) state. 

#3 Singapore Board Games – Sushi Go!

Singapore Card Games: 17 Hottest Card Games that Singaporeans Are Playing

Toy Station | S$26.90

Suitable Age Group: 8+

Sushi Go! is one of the lightest drafting games that anyone can easily jump right in. As the box says, it’s really just about “Pick and Pass”.

Gamers or non-gamers, this accessible card game has just the right mix of easy rules and family-friendliness. Start your game night with Sushi Go! as an “appetizer”!

Based on the total number of players, the cards are to be distributed to each player equally. Once all players have their starting hand, the game is ready to begin.

The first player has to pass 1 card (from the deck that they are holding) to the person on their left.

The objective of this super cute card game is to collect different cards (that have points) and collate the highest score to win at the end of 3 rounds!

Sushi Go! appeals to a diverse group of people however, it might be too casual and easy for experienced gamers.

#4 Singapore Board Games – Harry Potter Hogwart Battle

Singapore Card Games: 17 Hottest Card Games that Singaporeans Are Playing

kekikeki | S$40.00

Suitable Age Group: 11+

The best thing about Harry Potter Hogwarts Battle is the fact it has the ability to convert anyone who isn’t Harry Potter fans into a loyal supporter.

The entire experience of playing this cooperative deck-building game is like an adventure.

It allows players to travel through seven years of Hogwarts’ time, learn spells, enlist allies, acquire equipment, and generally prevent things from falling into the hands of the you-know-who….dark lord.

Players have to select their role – Harry, Hermione, Ron or Neville. Each role has its own starting deck of basic spells, equipment, and allies.

Each player is also given a little board to use for tracking their health. Begin the game by setting up the location cards, Dark Arts cards, and Villain cards.

The ultimate aim of the game is to eliminate all the villains before they conquer all locations. 

Dress up and play this magical card game and take the entire game experience to a whole next level.

In A Nutshell

Do you have any plans for this weekend? Try something fun with your loved ones with these board games today. Tell me what’s your favorite board games so far and leave a leave a comment below.

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